The Lotus Life; Learning to Dance in the Rain!

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BY Lauren Catanese

The storm is surging around us, you can feel it growing more powerful every day. It feels all consuming and never ending. Feels like it wants to swallow us up. The gravity of the situation is there, but do we have to consent to its reality? Can we stand for another truth, another notion? That yes while the world twists and whirls like a hurricane, can we stand in the eye? Can we keep our focus and thoughts on the truth, the stillness within?


It’s the unknown that can be so overwhelming, we like to control and predict. We like to know what to expect and make plans to get there. Life wants to show us another way. Seems that with our new reality we can never go back to who and what we were. We are constantly shifting, growing and evolving every day. To move towards peace in turbulent times, try letting yourself honor and accept all your feelings and then release their hold on you. How can you let them go? Move with them, literally. Dance in the rain. Here are a few tips to deliver you back into a place where you are safe and free!

  1. Dance within the flame. Instead of fighting or working against the current conditions, allow the changes that are meant for you to happen. Look for the beauty in the day, what have you enjoyed about the last few weeks? Have you finally had quality time with your kids? Do you have more time to workout or take a walk? Mother Nature has given us all a reset, so where have you been shown that it’s time to grow?
  2. Gratitude will always bring you home. If you feel like you always hear about gratitude, there’s a reason. It brings us back to love, every time. There is always, always something to be grateful for in every single moment. When we focus on what we are grateful for, our hearts open, our fear subsides and the light has a way in.
  3. Feel your feelings. To dance, to embrace, to allow this whole experience to move through you and not try to block out this experience. Life is always happening to us, around us. We can’t try to stop it. Honor how you’re feeling about it all. And it’s ok to not be ok. Once you’ve accepted it, a funny thing happens- you begin to feel ok.
  4. Go within, go within, go within. This means to literally, go somewhere quiet, close your eyes and breath. Take your attention away from the outside world with its external news, obligations, responsibilities, and agendas and focus on you. Breathe. And keep breathing. You can say to yourself, breathe in, breathe out. Or you can count as you breathe. Stay here as long as you will let yourself. Even a few minutes will be productive. Another easy breathing exercise, breath in to the count of 4, hold for a count of 4, breath out to 4 then hold again for a count of 4. Happy breathing.
  5. Bring forth the vision in your heart. Take out a sheet of paper and write uninhibitedly all the things you want to experience in your life. It can be places you want to travel, things you want to do, people you want to meet, what you want to create. Just let yourself write, free of any judgments or second guessing. This is not about what you might think is realistic or plausible. This is about free writing from your heart what it wants to do. See if you can get 30 items on the list, can you get to 100? Just let the moment happen and dream big!

Happy dancing Sowal!

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