30A Songwriter Spotlight: THE KRICKETS

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By Josette Rhodes

I have been excited to see the art that emerges from these long days of quarantine. You can not lock up the passion of an artist. The art will always find a way.  As we begin to emerge from the lockdowns so do the incredible gifts that were born of it.


Please allow me to introduce you to The Krickets, an all female Americana group from the Gulf Coast. The band consists of Emily Stuckey, Lauren Spring, and Rachel Grub. Some awards they have won are: 2016 IMEA Folk Artist of the Year, 2016 IMA Winner Folk Song of the Year for ‘Cool Cool Water’ and 2019 IMA Winner Alt Country Song of the Year ‘Redbird’

Lauren Spring was the first artist to reach out to me about a new release, “These Games.”

I have high expectations of what is to come from these trying times and The Krickets did not disappoint!

Not only are these ladies beautiful in appearance, the beauty of their souls shines through their songs. I have heard previous work from The Krickets and have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. “These Games” have catapulted this talented trio to a whole new level.

Each song by these ladies is an experience and “These Games” carried me on a passionate ride of harmonies from heaven. I began to understand the stories of old where sailors were drawn in by the sensual voices of sirens. You can not listen to The Krickets without falling into their voices as you are carried away on their instrumental caravan surrounded by words that you yourself could be singing. The Krickets use their talent in a way that allows their audience to really feel their songs.

“What happens when the world turns upside down and a quarantine benches a band’s tour? Something Magical. They learn to write and record remotely, self produced some music and… then release it – bells and whistles be damned.”  The Krickets

A beautiful fact about this female trio is that a portion of the proceeds from every album sale benefits the Sacred Heart Hospital Guild’s “Cricket Fund” in honor of Cricket Russel (namesake of the band) providing screenings for the uninsured in rural North Florida. The “K” was interchanged to give space to Buddy Holly’s fabulous Crickets.

You can learn more, purchase their music, and find their music schedule at thekrickets.com

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