What is your thing?

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By Lauren Catanese

What is it you do just for you? An action, experience, a state of being that no matter what is going on in your life, no matter how much pain you feel, struggles you are dealing with, whether you feel alone or surrounded by people, no matter how hard life may be at any moment in time, you can do this one thing every time and it always brings you back to peace. What is your anchor?  The one thing that always reconnects to yourself, your spirit, God- your highest self. It opens up your heart that wants to close so badly because it feels unsafe, until you do this “thing” and you cannot help but to shine, feel free, expanded and glorified in the power that you are a beacon of light, here to create, to live, embrace; to Love.  Your anchor is what helps you to replenish your essence so you can continue to walk and move through life on your journey.

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The question is not, “What would you do if you had no fear?” but “What would you do even if you could fail?” Your anchor is something you have to do because your soul cries out for you. You wouldn’t be you without doing it, and if you lost all the people you love, all your money, all your material possessions that we attach to, all the labels we give to ourselves and define ourselves by, if all that was, this is the one thing you know you can still do and it would bring you peace and the feeling of love, even for just a fleeting moment. We all need to know, cultivate, and embrace our “anchor” so we can go to it on a daily basis to keep bringing us back.

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You might already know what this is for you, as you have been reading this it might have popped in your mind, “oh mine is this.” If you are thinking that you don’t know what yours is, I am pretty certain you do. It just might have been some time since you did it last. So think about moments in your life, where you felt completely supported and aligned with the universe. A moment where you felt more love and peace and freedom. Something you do for you. If you still don’t know, then let the adventure begin. Find it, feel it and don’t stop the searching until you do. We all have a “something” that is inherently within us, effortlessly since we were born to help us on our journey. Find your anchor and pursue it every day!

I sure am grateful for mine.

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