What on 30A TV? 

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Smart TV’s are steaming toward being the juggernaut of content, no devices needed.

30A TV now broadcasts 11 channels of programming, from 30atv to Sidewalks Celebrity interviews, to Real Estate, Outdoors, and Business Network television. These channels have been available via add-on devices such as Fire TV, Roku, and Apple.

Recently, new contenders hit the shelves, with familiar name brands such as LG, Samsung, TCL, Phillips, and others. But they are not making devices to plug in the TV set. They ARE the TV. Smart TV’s are now coming with a fast growing array of “apps” – similar to phone apps, but installed via your TV remote, or part of the operating system of the tv itself. All that’s needed is a WIFI connection, and you can open the door to hundreds of channels of television programming, movies, music, and on some, even games. Newer models offer voice control and smart home integration.

A growing number of models now include voice recognition tools, like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, for switching channels and searching for programs. Most smart TVs can connect to “smart speakers” and a few will offer some or all of that same functionality built right into the TV.

And now, smart TVs also let you wirelessly stream videos, music and pictures from your phone, tablet or laptop straight to your TV. This is often called casting. Why would you want to do that ? Well, in many cases there are apps available for phones and tablets that may not yet be available on the smart tv, but can still stream masses of programming, movies etc, since the smart TV apps are still being developed. 30A Media and 30ATV network is now developing apps for smart tv’s and is also partnering with the television manufacturers to supply broadcast channels to the TV’s as they are produced and released to retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy.

Once again, there is a huge shift in the market, already ditching satellite and cable in huge numbers, in favor of streaming tv’s or devices to add to tv’s. For help or advice on these TV’s and the program apps, drop me a line at paul@30a.tv

About 30A Media

30A TV

30A TV broadcasts 11 live channels of original programming, including 30A, Outdoors, Real Estate, Celebrity Interviews, music videos, and comedy. Available via Itunes, Android, ROKU – Amazon Fire Stick, and at www.30a.tv or watch live at www.30alive.com

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