Studio 237 Music School;  Let the Music Play

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By Lisa Cyr,

Music playing in the background elevates a room’s atmosphere and mood.  Everyday, I choose instrumental music to play in our living space to match the moment, weather, or season.  When the outdoor temperature drops, I locate a video of a fireplace with instrumental music playing in the background on our tv monitor in the studio living room.  People often say they feel warmer and more relaxed even if the A/C is on.

Artwork Let The Music Play Dec 2020

In December, many stores play a variety of holiday songs to lighten up our mood and may bring back fond memories of years gone by.  People tend to purchase more products when music is playing.  I was shopping at The Fresh Market the other day and exclaimed, “One of the reasons I like this store so much is the classical music being played while I shop!”

Sometimes, people who are battling illness will play special music daily to encourage healing and a positive mindset.  We often want peace and quiet while we rest, however songs from happier times in our lives can sooth and lift our spirits for a hopeful future.

Opera is amazing!  I volunteered at an annual opera brunch scholarship fundraiser for about 4 years. I decided to play opera music while the volunteers set up the room, food, raffle etc.… The room’s atmosphere was instantly transformed, as we all came into unity in anticipation of the Pensacola Opera’s Artists in Residence program performance.  Plus, I felt great afterwards.

Live music while eating at a restaurant will always make a difference!  Many of us have a great appreciation for the dedicated talented local musicians we have in our area. They have the gift of making people happy!  Their passion is sharing their music and gifting. While at a restaurant, you will notice smiling joyful faces, people celebrating each other, and laughter. Their music creates a festive mood.  In your travels, remember to “Tip the Gift”.

Studio 237 Music is grateful for our talented giving teachers who have invested many years of study and performance developing their talent.  Our teaching staff are Jim Couch, Lisa Cyr, Ray Cyr, Scott Gilmore, Peter Lake, Matt Miller, and Johanna Sholar.  The instruments they teach include: piano, guitar (acoustic or electric), voice, violin, cello, viola, drums, ukulele, clarinet, saxophone, songwriting, and more.  You may read their bio’s at our website:

Let’s imagine a typical event such as weddings, anniversaries, receptions, birthdays, barbeques, church services, coffee houses, proms, football games, parades etc… without music. Very somber. In contrast, music energizes, lifts our heart, gets us moving, loving, laughing, anticipating, creating, strategizing, drinking, eating, and being merry!  So, I say, “Let the Music Play”!  Wishing you a music filled holiday season.

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