South Walton Chess Club Seeks New Members!

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The game of chess dates to early 7th century India and Persia soon thereafter. The game, which is won largely by strategy rather than luck, has fascinated many scholars, philosophers, and warriors alike. Today, the game is mostly played for fun, allowing people the opportunity to meet with new minds they would not ordinarily connect with.

Today, chess clubs can be found all around America. Oftentimes they are created as part of a school function or a community outreach. South Walton maintains a local chess club which takes place every Monday from 3:30PM to 5:30PM at the Coastal Branch Library.

White Giant Chess Pieces On The Street. Chess. Street Game
White Giant Chess Pieces Outdoors. Chess. Street game. High quality photo

South Walton’s chess club, led by Anthony Spears and William Wallace, provides lessons, allows challenges, and teaches the mind to strategize. However, the primary goal of the chess club is to simply provide a local area where people of all ages can get together and have fun. Anthony himself got started with the chess club when he noticed that there weren’t any in the area, and wanted to provide a different kind of fun than what is most often found in our coastal beach community.

Chess clubs are a great way  to exercise the mind, and meet all kinds of interesting people. And with practice, people often discover an inner confidence and ability to strategize they didn’t know they had.

The  South Walton club specifically attributes its success to remaining open and inclusive to all ages and types of people; in an atmosphere where everyone is welcome it’s near impossible to not have some fun!

Moving forward, South Walton’s chess club would like to continue to increase its membership and provide a safe and fun space for people to grow and learn. The club is always growing and changing, even if the game is staying the same.

So, join the chess club as it meets at the Coastal Branch Library on Greenway Trail in Santa Rosa Beach from 3:30 – 5:30 PM every Monday. You are encouraged to bring your own chess board if you have one, but if not one will be provided for you. Be sure to ask the librarian to direct you to the back room upon arrival. Next time you’re in the mood to try something new, check out South Walton’s chess club, and discover a world you didn’t know existed!

For more information you can contact Anthony Spears at (270) 331-6640 or via email at

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