Studio 237 Music School; Types of Music Students

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By Lisa Cyr,

Every so often, I see a social media post about a quiz to discover one’s personality, IQ, best diet plan, makeup, hair color etc.… It’s fun learning about oneself. Usually, there is a profile name type and corresponding letter abbreviation. If there was a quiz you took to discover your music student type, then, the names might go like this:

The Serious Dedicated Student (SDS) is the type to practice 30 to 60 minutes (or more) five days a week, progressing 2 to 3 levels in one year. They love the classics (various genres) and are focused on playing every note correctly and increasing to a faster tempo. Their ability to read music grows quickly since they hunger to complete their songs with a spirit of excellence. Expression, accurate tempo, and emotion is an intricate part of play which fuels their cycle of study. SDS’s become strong performers, competitors, teachers, politicians, doctors, and musicians.

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The Sacrificial Offering Student (SOS) is seeking to please their parents. They communicate their boundaries right away by saying, “I am only here because my _________ is making me.” or “This is just a hobby for me” or “We inherited my great aunt’s piano so……”.  I usually smile and say, “Well, let’s make the best of this situation and pick out some fun songs.” Music appreciation is top priority and technique is second. The war of practice happens at home of which the student usually wins the prize to not practice. We choose one song to learn well and get ready for recital.

The Overcoming Student (OS) is studying music to overcome issues such as: a learning disability, hand coordination, memory, focus, following directions, shyness, bad school grades, confidence, etc.… Depending on their practice and consistent lesson attendance, an OS can develop excellent musicianship. The great reward is when their grades or functioning increases too!

The Recreational Student (RS) desires to simply have fun while learning to play. They love the process of learning and receive great reward and satisfaction from being able to play new songs and to experience improvement. Not always a recital performer but more of a music enthusiast seeking a life skill. A practice routine is usually 3 to 4 days a week. As great communicators, they let you know when things are getting a little too tough or when they want more. RS’s often become excellent players who may transform into a SDS.

The Music Appreciation Student (MAS) is a combination of the RS and SOS. This student refuses to practice yet loves music. Their parents are perfectly fine with it. So, we have the “happy/sad” lesson. The student totally forever enjoys playing at the same level without progress. Internal conflict happens when their desire for a more involved song arises and yet their ability is not developed. Once we return to their “safety level zone”, all becomes well. With no parental expectations, this is a stress-free relaxed stagnant situation.

So, here we are with the typical four quadrant student type. You are either a SDS, SOS, OS, or RS. Plus, there are lots of Variety Internal Profiles (VIP) type combinations like the MAS. As far as music study goes, I like to think that we are all VIP’s (very important persons).

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