The Lotus Life: Gratitude

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By Lauren Catanese,

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life, is the foundation for all abundance.” – Eckhart Tolle

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We all have dreams. We all have visions of how we want our lives to look. We see ourselves living a certain lifestyle, having certain experiences, and becoming what we feel we must. Creating our world is a journey. If we are lucky, we get a lifetime to do it. It is easy, however, to get so caught up in our desires, and become so fixated on actualizing them, that we can miss out on life. See the irony? We spend our lives, trying to achieve a point in our lives, only to get there and realize that we were so focused on the prize we missed out on all the gifts along the way. So instead of a race to the finish line, we will find that there is more enjoyment, freedom, and peace if we hold our vision high, and take daily action towards it, while being grateful for what we already have.

Being in a space of gratitude, and consciously acknowledging all the positive and good that are currently in your life, allows you to fully embrace the present. Enjoying the present for what it really is, a gift. When we can look at our lives and be thankful for our health, the money we do have in our accounts, having a roof over our head and food to eat, having people that love us, our kids…the list goes on. No matter who you are, where you are, or what is going on there is always at least one thing you can be grateful for, always! Keeping a gratitude journal or even making a mental note in the morning of what you are grateful for, if it’s one thing or twenty, will help keep you grounded. It is a subtle reminder that while you are on your journey to the grand dreams, there are small miracles that happen every day. That we can enjoy, embrace, and allow what we do have to bring a little more peace into our world. Isn’t that what we are striving to feel anyways? When you think about your dreams, what emotions are you expecting achieving them to evoke? Ultimately, it’s because we feel it will bring more peace and love into our lives. Lucky for us, those emotions are not a lifetime away. They can be felt right now where you are. All you must do is acknowledge that they are there. That in this moment in time, which is the only one that exists, you are feeling that peace, that love. Then life becomes about feeling that way more, and for longer periods in time versus a rush to having to get anywhere other than where you are to feel them.

Happy Thanksgiving SoWal…. I am grateful for you.

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