Top 6 Things To Do In Destin, Florida

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If you’re like me, a beach getaway is exactly what you’re dreaming of. Florida comes to the top of mind. Specifically, Destin. Some of the best things to do in Destin are family friendly activities and events.

So while I’m sitting here and actually praising the fact it’s 32 degrees today (it was negative 7 yesterday), let’s go through the top things to do in Destin!

Things To Do In Destin

Crab Island

The first time I saw Crab Island, we were driving over the Destin Bridge into Destin. I asked “Wow, what are all those boats doing there?” My father-in-law said “That’s Crab Island.”

Known as a “Sandbar hangout spot,” Crab Island is only accessible by boat. This place is for boat lovers, because there’s not a shortage of those.

Feel free to paddle, swim, drink a cold beer, and relax. Try some food from floating restaurants or mobile food boats.

Jet ski, catamaran, parasail

Destin is the perfect place to let your adventurous side shine. There’s no shortage of jet skis, catamarans, parasails, and pontoon rentals.

Goofy Golf

Need a relaxing night? Head over to Goofy Golf. Technically, you’ll be in Fort Walton, but a quick 15 minute drive will get you there. Play 18 holes on a vintage mini golf course and snap a selfie by the big green dinosaur.


On Thursday night, head to Harbor Walk Village and see some fireworks.

Walk the Pier

Before you head to Goofy Golf, catch a gorgeous sunset off the Pier in Fort Walton. Take some family photos, that romantic walk on the beach, whatever you’re into. We don’t judge here. It’s vacation!


Last but not least, soak up the sun. Different resorts will allow you to rent specific chairs each day. Just have somebody head out to the beach early and make the reservation and you’re set for the day. Destin’s beaches aren’t overly crowded. In August, we got the same exact 6 chairs every single day.

Matt Sheehan

Matt Sheehan

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