Everyone is Welcome at Fellowship 30a Church

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By Heather Bennett,

Our “slice of Heaven” along 30a is one of the most beautiful places, and offers many places to worship. Finding a place where you can fit in can be daunting. However, Fellowship 30a Church will make you feel right at home. All are welcome, just as they are.

Pastor Gary Wingo felt his calling many years ago and has spent time ministering from Kentucky to Atlanta to Colorado and Tennessee, and eventually to 30a. Pastor Wingo and his wife Jan have been in Walton County for over 10 years and previously served as Pastor at the Chapel at Seaside.

Fellowship 30a Church began when “the Lord gave us, along with other key local folks, a great vision and desire to develop a church fellowship that expresses the true heart of God, a mission based on His son, a Christ-centered vision,” stated Pastor Wingo. The core mission of Fellowship 30a church is, ” We worship, love and serve the Lord God as we reach people and share the good news of Jesus Christ and His grace with all we meet.”

The Fellowship began with a livestream worship service on their Facebook page back in October of 2020. There was a positive response, and they began looking for a place to meet in person. Since Pastor Wingo had officiated several weddings in Watercolor, they decided to approach the St. Joe management team about the possibilities of meeting at the Watercolor Lakehouse on Western Lake. “We are deeply grateful to St. Joe and their leadership for their generosity in allowing us, and a growing core of believers, to gather in Watercolor on 30a,” stated Pastor Wingo.

Worship Leader, Alexandra Maddox, joined Fellowship 30a after being invited by a friend. “They shared with me at the time that the church was seeking and praying for a worship leader and perhaps I might be interested. Little did they know, I had been praying for months for God to open a door and provide an opportunity for me to serve again in a church, in music specifically,” said Alex. “I am so humbled and in awe to look back now, just over a year and see what God has done and what he is doing.”

With so many options for worship on 30a, what sets Fellowship 30a Church apart? “We emphasize building relationships with Him and one another, exemplifying the heart of God’s Son with all who come,” said Pastor Wingo. “Our service is simple and Christ-centered. We focus on growing a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus with a life that serves others. We are mission-centered and Christ-focused.”

The church is also committed to giving the first 15% of all regular contributions to their Missions/Benevolence Ministry. “Needs are presented to us based on Acts 1:18 in God’s word, we pray over those needs, both mission-oriented and benevolence focused,” stated Pastor Wingo. “Then we help where God Almighty tells us to help. We have been blessed and are called to bless others through God’s amazing mercy and leadership.” Alex added, “The leadership of Gary and Jan Wingo is extraordinary and it’s because they are completely surrendered to following God’s leading, no matter what.”

What Pastor Wingo wants people to know is, “Fellowship 30a Church is a loving, welcoming (all are welcome, just as they are) caring, growing, Biblically-based fellowship that loves people, and desires to lead them into that growing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We invite everyone to check us out. We invite people from all walks of life, regardless of their life circumstances, to come and find hope, joy, love and truth administered through the Holy Spirit by Jesus Christ, our Lord.”

Art Lee-Drewes loves being a part of the church. “Being a part of the Leadership Team for Fellowship 30a Church has opened up an incredible opportunity to fill my life after retirement. I have been a “student” of Gary Wingo for close to 10 years and never tire of listening to his lessons. I have grown into Fellowship 30a Church with a new perspective on what my purpose is and should be, a life that is full of God, His blessings, growing and serving,” said Art.

Worship service is held on Sunday mornings at 10:00am at the Watercolor Lakehouse, and there are men’s and women’s Bible studies during the week. If you are interested in learning more, please visit www.thefellowship30a.com.

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