I Just Need A Quick Nap

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By Dr. Richard Chern, M.D.

Dr Chern

A lack of energy is one of the most common complaints we hear from new patients before they receive treatment.  And, many of the patients who didn’t mention fatigue or a lack of energy prior to treatment will tell us how surprised they were at the increase in energy they experience while on hormone therapy.  I can also remember that before I started getting my own hormones treated that I needed a nap in the afternoon, especially after lunch.  I always thought I had eaten too much or something too heavy.  It turns out my hormone levels were just suboptimal.

Keep in mind, my levels were normal.  It took a while for me to figure out that normal values are usually not optimal values.  Many physicians and providers still do not understand this.  For instance, a reference range or normal vitamin D level is from 30-100.  If your level is 31 your doctor will likely tell you that your vitamin D is normal.  Well, vitamin D levels under 50 are associated with an increase in breast cancer that is six times higher than those with higher vitamin D levels.  Vitamin D levels less than 40 are associated with a 40% increase in all cancers.  How do you feel about that “normal” vitamin D level now?

Testosterone for both men and women will increase energy, focus, concentration, libido while reducing cancer, disease, anxiety, depression and more.  Yet, most doctors have no clue what an optimal testosterone level is for men or women.  Has your doctor ever even tested your testosterone?  If not, then do you think they will know how to interpret the results properly?

So if you have noticed that you are taking naps regularly or feel wiped out before your day is done it may very well be an issue with your hormone levels.  Call us for an appointment.  We can draw your blood and get your results the same week.  Have a consultation with Dr Richard Chern MD or Sue Griffin ARNP and finally find out what has been dragging you down.

Dr Richard Chern, MD provides hormones therapy to men and women from across the country.  He is also on staff at BioTE Medical and teaches hormone therapy to new providers including providers here in the local area. In addition, Dr Richard Chern, MD treats many of the doctors in the local area. Dr Richard Chern MD is a platinum BioTE provider and runs one of the largest BioTE hormone clinics in the country right here in Miramar Beach. Call Dr Richard Chern MD at The Hormone Restoration Center for an appointment at 850-837-1271.

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