The Lotus Life: Letting it all go…the road to Independence

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By Lauren Catanese,

Letting all of what go? Oh you know, all the to do’s, the supposed to’s, the obligations, the must haves, the why haven’t you done this, why have you not bought this, do this, do that, be this, be that, ugggh!!!! Does anyone else feel like screaming? Enough already! The truth will set you free and my wings are starting to flap just with that realization. The judgments, the perfectionism, et al., come from none other than within ourselves. And we are the ones that give ourselves this long list of things we have to do. Why? Because we feel it’s what we have to do in order for us to be lovable or accepted, or even that we matter.

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So, if you are doing anything and it becomes too much, you are the only person that you have to answer to. I can hear you now, that’s not true, I have my boss, my parents- can’t disrespect them, my kids….on and on and on. But no matter how you square it, you have chosen to be in those situations and have accepted those relationships as a part of your life. So you have the power to redirect that energy and make changes. You are lovable because you exist. It’s true. And you are worthy because you are here, you are alive, you are a gift!

If you are perfectly lovable, whether you win a Nobel Prize or love to just sit on the beach every day, what motivates you to do anything at all? The reason to do something is not because you have to prove it to anyone or showcase yourself, the reason should be …another drum roll please….because you want to!  It’s that simple. You do something because you hope the feeling it will produce fills you with love. And that is our true nature. That is the meaning of following your bliss. Because when you are happy and grateful and at peace doing things that you love then you are shining such a beautiful light into the world that it sends a vibration out into the world, and trust me that helps all mankind. And maybe if you think about some of the things that you do every day, the choices you are making, how they do bring you happiness and joy; don’t be too judgmental to accept them. You were created to be you! So jump on the love band wagon, sing a song of happiness, and let all that other stuff go! You are way too important to get bogged down in any of that. Live on purpose and the light in you will soar! Guiding all those around you to be their own authentic light as well. No to do list needed. So give yourself permission to say yes to the life you are leading, and accept the choices you do make. Because remember; you only have to answer to yourself, so stop pretending and start living in true independence!

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