Reed Jeweler Rus on Luxe Life Discovered

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#Jewlery #podcast #30a REEDS Jewelers’ founder Bill Zimmer’s family operated retail jewelry stores; Bill learned from his brothers how to sell diamonds at a young age, just as his children would later learn from him. In 1946, he and his wife Roberta bought a small jewelry store in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina and changed its name to REEDS Jewelers.

After finding success, the Zimmers opened stores in Whiteville and Jacksonville, then expanded to other cities in the Carolinas. By 1979, they controlled two dozen retail outlets while still running their original Wilmington store. As they built their business, they built their family, and all four children grew up working at REEDS. Bill’s son Alan Zimmer joined REEDS in 1981 and took charge of merchandising as Executive Vice President. Upon arriving at REEDS,

Alan began instituting major changes to modernize the growing company. He officially became President and CEO in 1985. Today, REEDS Jewelers maintains the inviting and comfortable atmosphere of a family-run business–even with retail stores in thirteen states! Bill, who worked at his original store every day until his recent passing, would often express the pride he had in his son’s accomplishments, saying, “Alan has built the company!” ““I love this business,” Alan says, “and the foundation of our company’s growth will be the business practices my father taught us: personal service, friendships, and quality goods at competitive prices.”

Luxe Life Discovered podcast idea originated from meeting so many diverse, talented individuals along the Emerald Gulf Coast in Florida. There is a tremendous range of talent from artist, recording artists, entrepreneurs, as well as many desirable destinations and resorts. “Luxe Life Discovered” recently started remote interviews with others that Steiner Event Group has connected with nationally and internationally. We look forward to see what is ahead as we showcase talented and creative individuals, and showcase their journey.


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