52-Year-Old Florida Resident Giving Music a Second Chance

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30 Years After Giving Up

SANTA ROSA BEACH, FLORIDA: March 21, 2023 – After taking a 30-year hiatus from the music industry to pursue a “normal” career, Wes Herndon is back and ready to give a career in music another attempt.

At 52 years old, Wes Herndon is not your typical musician. He has a wealth of life experience to draw from, and his years away from the music industry has only strengthened his passion for playing guitar and songwriting. With a renewed sense of purpose and a fresh perspective… thanks in part to the pandemic shutdowns, Wes is eager to share his new music with fans around the world.

Despite stepping away from the industry for a period of time, Wes has continued to write and perform occasionally, perfecting his sound and style. With a lifetime of ups and downs and a few laughs to draw from, his music is both raw and relatable, which resonates with fans of all ages.

As he embarks on this new chapter of his career, Wes is both anxious and excited to connect with people and share musical moments with Floridians and the world.

He remarks, “Taking a second chance at music while being a ‘responsible’ adult is somewhat dauting, but if I’m being honest, I really can’t help it. It’s in my soul, so I don’t have a choice. I have been truly humbled and feel nothing by gratitude to see that what I’m creating is being received so well.”

His newest release, “Nothing For Me” will be available on all streaming services on March 23rd, 2023.

You can learn more about Wes, his story, and where to find his music and live shows via his website at https://wesherndonofficial.com/

For more information contact or interview requests: wes@wesherndon.com or call 478-960-0580



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