How to Self Publish a Book on Amazon. An Author’s Perspective

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#author #amazon Through Cracked Glass: Grace for God’s fractured and imperfect children Through Cracked Glass is a life journey of lessons learned while traversing valleys and climbing mountains, both literally and figuratively. From humble beginnings in a blue-collar conservative family, through two divorces, a son’s incarceration, and her mother’s sickness, Victoria takes you with her as she charts her progress, sometimes moving forward, sometimes falling behind, but never giving up.   Victoria learns how to persevere no matter where the path leads, the difficult art of practicing forgiveness, and finding joy in serving others, while God’s grace is evident in every page. Luxe Life Discovered podcast idea originated from meeting so many diverse, talented individuals along the Emerald Gulf Coast in Florida. There is a tremendous range of talent from artist, recording artists, entrepreneurs, as well as many desirable destinations and resorts. “Luxe Life Discovered” recently started remote interviews with others that Steiner Event Group has connected with nationally and internationally. We look forward to see what is ahead as we showcase talented and creative individuals, and showcase their journey.

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