Introducing: The Beach Wagon

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Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce Introduction

The Beach Wagon delivers beach supplies to vacationers for use during their vacation. The Beach Wagon has easy-to-pull wagons, chairs, umbrellas, sunshades, coolers, shady toys, and more! Our concept is plain and simple — we deliver right to you so you can set up as early as beach regulations permit, and you can stay as long as you want and watch the breathtaking beach sunsets.

The Beach Wagon’s goal is to provide quality products for a reasonable price and to prevent our landfills and waters from filling up with beach gear that won’t be used again. We want to serve vacationers who fly in or seldom come to our area who cannot take a chair back home with them or have no need for it once they return; the people who leave chairs and beach equipment behind. We want to supply the family that cannot squeeze one more thing into the car, unless they leave a kid behind, with all their needs once they get here.

How does it work?

Go to the website,, and select your package. Of course, the further in advance you book, the more likely it is that supplies will be available. Schedule your duration time and pay. You will receive a call to confirm your delivery time and address closer to your arrival date. And then, Voilá, we meet you in front of your rental and leave it with you for the duration of your stay. We will pick it up before you leave town at a prearranged time.

Have a rental property where you would like to offer beach equipment to your guests? Have a rental property off the beach? We are going to enhance your guests’ stay by covering their sandy needs.

We have a variety of packages that include several types of chairs, from children’s chairs to taller chairs for those aged knees. The umbrella offers seven and a half feet of 50+ UPF sun protection. Our coolers are soft-sided and hold up to 54 standard cans. We also provide you with a couple of ice packs that can be re-frozen at night, so you won’t have to go in search of ice. Our sunshades are open to allow airflow and to grant your fellow beachgoers visual access to the mesmerizing view that calms our souls. We have sand buckets, molds, shovels, and other items for children. Beach blankets are also available.

And let’s talk about the wagon again… it has big balloon tires for pulling ease through the fine Florida sand and only weighs about 4 pounds, but can hold up to 200 pounds. The wagon also secures the umbrella in the side holder to prevent those wind-gust flyaways that can be quite dangerous. The inside holds your bags and the chairs fit nicely on the back rack.

Check us out at, follow and like us on Facebook at, and on Instagram at Or call or text us at (850) 977-0777.

The Beach Wagon is looking forward to making Panama City Beach even better for our guests and our residents!

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