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XoXo: The “Worst Sound Installation Ever…”

If you thought the world’s love affair with Toto’s “Africa” was over…then you have been mistaken. Earlier this year, the “Africa” fever began after a fan requested that alternative radio darlings Weezer offer their own version of the classic. After much teasing and a “Rosanna” fake out, Rivers Cuomo and crew finally obliged and earned […] Read More

XoXo: The Most Liked Instagram Post of All Time…

We’re less than a month into 2019 and the tides of the internet have already begun to shift for the better. Of course, I’m referring the “World Record Egg” that officially dethroned Kylie Jenner as the most liked Instagram post of all time. Yes, a photo of an egg has garnered over 18 million likes […] Read More

XoXo: Thank U, Next

Ariana Grande dropped the highly anticipated video for her single “Thank U, Next” today and all I’ll say is this: Legally Blonde, Mean Girls, Bring It On and Kris Jenner. Watch it for yourself. XoXo, Mary Jo Read More

XoXo: Backstreet is Back, alright!

Talk about a flashback Friday, Backstreet is back. For real, this time. The boys surprised fans today with the announcement of a new album, new song with music video and a gigantic list of world tour dates! Let’s start with the song, “Chances.” I’ll admit, it’s catchy and you can credit the fresh sound to […] Read More

XoXo: Woman Celebrates 106th Birthday at Taco Bell…

You can quote me on this, If I make it to the age of 106 then I will definitely be celebrating at Taco Bell. That’s exactly how an Arizona woman named Myrtis Jewel Painter celebrated her big day – at the Taco Bell where she is a beloved regular. Happy Birthday, Miss Myrtis. And thank […] Read More