Donna Burgess Gallery

Please welcome another new #advertiser with South Walton Life , Donna Burgess Gallery , located in Grand Boulevard at Sandestin . Go visit Donna for special discounts this #holiday Season! Robin is a specialist in #customframin... Read More

Award Winning Artist Hosts Open House in Grayton

On Thursday, September 14th, Clint Eagar will be on hand to display some of his award winning art at his design studio in the Uptown Grayton Plaza. Clint recently relocated to South Walton and opened his studio in February 2017. This will be a great opportunity to preview some of his designs that have garnered […]

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The Village of Baytowne Wharf

Event organizers are pleased to announce upcoming plans for fall programming at The Village of Baytowne Wharf. While locals and resort guests continue to flock to new merchant stores, free and family friendly events will provide entertainment and fun for all ages this fall. Kicking off the season, The Village of Baytowne Wharf will host […]

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45 Central Wine Bar Welcomes Artist of the Month

45 Central Wine Bar Welcomes Andy Saczynski as the September Artist of the Month Celebrate Unique Local Art at 45 Central in Seaside at Our Artist Reception on September 1st as Andy Saczynski is Welcomed in the Space   Each month the walls of 45 Central are filled with the work of a new artist. During the month of September, we […] Read More

30A Bottle Caps Find Their Way Into Philadelphia Student Art Piece

By Caroline Giddis  We’ve all seen the iconic, round 30A stickers displayed on car bumpers and water bottles around the country, but 13-year-old Henri Waché prefers to show off his love of 30A by collecting a different trinket — bottle caps. “I first got a 30A bottle cap when I was in Grayton Beach a few years ago,” said Henri, who lives in Haverford, Pennsylvania. “They’re a reminder of our times at Grayton Beach and the community down there. My mom grew up in Fort Walton beach because my grandpa was an airforce pilot, so we come down every year.” The bottle caps look like miniature 30A stickers and bring a little bit of small-town beach life to Henri’s collection. Henri has been collecting bottle caps for three years — and he’s dedicated to the task. He doesn’t hesitate to dig through dirt and concrete to score a colorful cap. He loves the aesthetic differences between the logos and designs on each one and the memories that come along with it. “To me it’s not just a collection. I can really relate to every moment where I found one,” Henri said. “If anyone enjoys collecting something, I say go for it. I really think that collecting helps you to remember special moments.” Instead of letting his collection of hundreds of caps sit in a drawer or a jar, Henri wanted to make something with them. One summer, he created a colorful, spiral design and mounted it to a framed corkboard. “I wanted to display my collection in a different way so I thought making it into some sort of collage would be a good way to show all of them,” Henri said. “I enjoyed having my mind expand and really seeing what I could make with them.” Henri attends The Haverford School, a private school for boys, where his artwork was recently displayed during an alumni reception in the upper school, an opportunity he is very proud of. “My art teacher requested if anyone had done any artwork outside of school, and at first I hesitated, but they really embraced it and the upper schoolers loved it,” Henri said. Henri’s mother, Robin Waché, is a native to the South Walton area and very proud that her son used 30A caps in his artwork. “Every summer since my three children were born, we have managed to spend time in Grayton Beach,” Waché said. “Slowly but surely the word is spreading that the most incredible beaches on earth are situated along 30-A. Shhh….don’t tell too many more people,” Robin said. “We hope to savor our little paradise forever.” Read More