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Actor and Producer Jacob Taylor Explains the Meisner Technique

#actor #hollywood #podcast ** New Episodes Wednesdays 1pm CST — Click Subscribe Actor Jacob Taylor was born and raised in central Kentucky. After college, Jacob moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career and to study under well renowned acting teacher John Ruskin, at the The Ruskin School of Acting where Jacob honed in his craft with The Meisner Technique, a 2 year study. Jacob is known for his wide work across TV and streaming platforms. Actor Profile Starring in Lifetime’s “Husband, Wife, and their Lover”. Opposite actress Nicki Leigh and Emmy Winning director Lane Shefter Bishop. Jacob also guest starred in the multi Daytime Emmy winning show “The Bay” streaming on Peacock. Co-starring in Paramount + “The Offer” alongside Miles Teller, as well as a featured role in Christopher Nolan’s new biographical film “Oppenheimer” with actor Cillian Murphy and Kenneth Branagh. Best known for A Criminal Affair (2021), The Killer in My Backyard (2021), and Fatal Memory (2021). Read More

Tess Mann is in a class by herself ! Couture Designer on Luxe Life Discovered

#bridal #designer #podcast Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) When it comes to making fairy tale dreams come true, Tess Mann is in a class by herself. The owner of the bridal store, Couture by Tess Bridal, who designs her own line of gowns under the same name is sought after by brides far and wide. A true pioneer, Tess has been in the bridal industry since 2012. Prior to her formal entry into the industry, she had been designing since she was a young teenager, however, chose a different career path in order to serve her country for over 20 years as a federal officer. In September 2018, Tess became a US Trademark Designer with her designs being protected by the US Patent Office. After serving the Memphis, Tennessee area for a little over six years, Tess and her husband, Joe, opened Couture By Tess Bridal at 31 W. Broad St. in Cookeville, TN. Tess Bridal is revered as a premier Nashville Bridal Boutique although physically located in Cookeville, TN. Read More

The world’s #1 fitness photographer Jason Ellis | Luxe Life Discovered

#fitness #photography #magazines This week’s guest is Jason Ellis. Jason Ellis is widely recognized as the World’s #1 Fitness Photographer, with 500+ magazine covers to his name. He has helped celebrity athletes and elite fitness models over the past two decades land numerous magazine features and magazine covers through his professional fitness photo shoots. Over 20 years of industry experience with a range of clients, from celebrity athletes such as Tony Horton of P90X, to elite fitness models like Paige Hathaway A personal fitness enthusiast with a passion for fitness Director of 3 documentary films, starring big-time names such as 4x Mr Olympia Jay Cutler, and Tony Horton – founder of P90X The latest, up-to-date technology to produce stunning quality photos that capture your fans Expert fitness photography lighting equipment to highlight exclusive definition, tone, and shape that normal photography just can’t capture Professional fitness photography studios in both Los Angeles and New York Read More

Curious about your hormone levels? Take control of your hormone health

#health #hormone #podcast Curious about your hormone levels? Start your new year off right by taking control of your hormone health in 2023 According to recent studies, there is a steady decline of testosterone levels among men in the United States. While testosterone levels decline with age, we are starting to see younger and younger males with low levels of testosterone. Roughly 20% of young men today have low testosterone. Potential reasoning for this decline is increased BMI’s, diet, environmental toxins, decreased physical activity, and more. Men less than 40 years old seeking erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment has increased from 13.5% in 2013 to 21.7% in 2017. Read More

Aquatic Center Destin Okaloosa | Water Polo ? Fascinating Insight

#fitness #swim #podcastDid you know you could play water polo in Destin Florida ?This Episode of Luxe Life Discovered has guest Kathi HeapyThe Emerald Coast Fitness Foundation is a public charity formed to develop physical fitness and water safety among the youth and adults of Okaloosa County by providing facilities and programs that will deliver opportunities for instruction, training, and competitive excellence, primarily in the sports of swimming, running, and cycling.The Emerald Coast Fitness Foundation proudly manages the Taj Renee Community Aquatic Center (Destin), the Bernie R. Lefebvre Aquatic Center (FWB), and the ROC Pool (Crestview). Read More

How a DJ plays to Thousands | Luxe Life Discovered

Premier DJ, Scott Lassiter, has over 20 years of live DJ performance experience. The majority of this time was spent in the Atlanta metro market where some of his clientele included the Atlanta Falcons, Mercedes Benz, United Distribution, Mastercraft and the Atlanta Boat Show. He also held long term residencies at the following prominent Atlanta nightclubs: Opera, Backstreet, and the Masquerade. In addition to his DJ experience, he was co-owner of a promotion company that held monthly concerts with national artists for an average of 3,000 to 5,000 attendees where his responsibilities involved booking the artist, promoting the events, event logistics, point of contact for the venue, and event flow. His combined experience reflects itself in regards to his attention to detail and quality of work. Read More