Articles by Abby Eller

North Beach Social: Joyride to the Bayside

Point your fun compass North… trust us, North Beach Social has it all. Welcome to the bayside! Another Jim Shirely gem, North Beach Social is where great food, waterfront relaxation and some of South Walton’s finest entertainment int... Read More

Dancing, Dining and Daiquiris at Red Fish Taco

Celebrating all that our “30A beach vibe” has to offer -  resident musicians, fresh catch seafood, and area artists (check out local legend Bryan Hand’s barroom mural) -  Red Fish Taco (RFT) prides itself on delicious food and cockta... Read More

Angelina’s Pizzeria and Pasta: That’s Amore

So many years of quality service, so many pizzas!  Brain and Jan Etheridge opened Angelina’s Pizzeria & Pasta in 1994 with a specific vision –  to own and operate a restaurant that embodies the classic Italian family home. Brava!... Read More

Sip, Sip, Hooray! B.F.F. Serves Frozens Everyday

The heat is ON in South Walton. When our weather is this hot, you want your drinks to be cold, and in the case of B.F.F. - frozen!  Located on the west side of Great Southern’s porch in the heart of Seaside, B.F.F. serves up boozy dr... Read More