Articles by Molly Parker

SoWal is “In a Relationship” with Tacos

If there's one thing SoWal knows, it's TACOS! From traditional to street to coastal and everywhere in between we have you covered on old favorites and new eateries serving up your best savory treat in a tortilla. Our latest SoWal Lis... Read More

SoWal Lunchtime at Thai Elephant

“I remember the moment I first realized I've been living my whole life in black and white. It was like discovering a color I never knew existed before. A whole new crayon box full of colors…” ~ Anthony Bourdain talking about Thailand... Read More

SoWal Lunchtime at Basmati’s Asian Cuisine

The SoWal crew went to lunch at Basmati's Asian Cuisine Tuesday and it was as good as ever. We're there so often we can all order for each other.  Lisa usually orders the Thai Chicken Salad wrap is filled with fresh chicken salad, th... Read More

SoWal Lunchtime at Local Catch Bar & Grill

We adore our delicious lunchtime breaks at our local SoWal eateries. When the staff lunches, it's time for us to check in with our partners, talk about upcoming plans, and just catch up. Last Friday Lisa and I decided to pop into Loc... Read More

Grayton Beer Brewpub Opens in Grayton Beach

Grayton Beer Company just opened the Grayton Beer Brewpub in Grayton Beach on Scenic 30A. It's in the old Craft Bar location (formerly Criolla's) just east of the main Grayton intersection. We went on the first day and the food was g... Read More

Fashionably Late Always On Time

Open. Clean. Minimal. Walking into Fashionably late is like walking into a well organized dream closet with potential outfits laid out for you and all of your clothes separated by color. It’s a work of art by owner Amy Huff.

“I’m a walking mannequin. Everything from my jewelry to my jeans can be found in my shop.”

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