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Whats Happening in Economic See Saw ? Update from FSU Professor Joe Calhoun

00:03 Hello, I’m Charles Musgrave, host of the answers that count podcast. Thank you for joining, and welcome back to the show. This is going to be another great show we’re going to have an economic update from our favorite Professor Joseph Calhoun, an economics professor at FSU. Dr. Joe, thank you for joining us today. 00:23 Hey, it’s great to be with you. I tell you there’s so much excitement on campus. Last Monday we’re just bursting at the seams with students, we got a record number of freshmen coming in. I’ve got a real heart for freshmen so life is really great right now. Oh good, 00:37 I want to get an update on that. But before we get started, please hit the subscribe button, you’re going to want to subscribe to our channel that helps gets the word out so we want to make sure that as many people can see this as possible so thank you for doing your part II in the subscribe button and also hit the bell for notifications so you’ll be notified when we upload the next podcast. So Professor Joe and FSU things are bustling. You’ve got new freshmen on campus so hey is it. Give us some good news to start off the show so are people. Now, on campus, they don’t have to do all of the virtual. Yeah, 01:13 yeah, I’ve been walking around campus as much as I can, I’m trying to get out because it is... Read More