4 Styles of Sales Videos to Use

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Over the last few years, it’s safe to say that one thing has changed a lot — marketing. The internet has breathed new life into this field. Indeed, with 4.57 billion internet users, marketing was in need of a digital makeover. And it did adjust to this new landscape like a pro. Now, social media, infographics, and videos take center stage as opposed to only text-based content in this world.

Although all of these channels are effective, video is the golden child for publishers and content creators. In fact, 81% of them use video in their marketing strategies. The popularity of this content type made experts connect the dots. They wondered, “What if we use videos in sales?” It’s about time, replied consumers. Some sales techniques, including cold calling, have become outdated and unsuccessful. Around 28% of sales reps think cold calling is effective. So, clearly, companies need to rely on new channels to drive sales.

For this reason, we’ll take a look at different types of sales videos you can use. Don’t forget to pick the format that matches your message and aligns with your brand’s values. For this article, we opted for some new and old video techniques used by marketers. Here are the four types we chose:

  • The Screen Share Video
  • The Webcam Video
  • Personalized Video
  • Product Video

Without further ado, let’s find out more about them!

The Screen Share Video

Sometimes it’s more effective to show rather than tell your prospects why you called. In this case, you can use the screen share video. This video type is great if you want to explain complex topics in a more digestible way. After all, you don’t want to overwhelm your potential customers or leave them wondering what you’re talking about.

Furthermore, sales agents opt for screen shares for different reasons. Sometimes they review the customer’s LinkedIn profile to show them why they’re an ideal buyer. Personalizing the video for that customer is often what they need to move down the sales funnel. They are also more likely to click on the video if they recognize the thumbnail. So, this, like other types of sales videos on our list, will certainly help you pique your customer’s interest.

As an alternative, you can also tour your website or app to emphasize how your brand can solve your customers’ problems. But you don’t need to stop there. Sales reps make demo videos that walk customers through a specific benefit or feature. As you might see, demo videos are effective at convincing doubtful prospects to devote time to your presentation.

Screen share videos are good for:

  • Email prospecting
  • Explanations
  • Product tours and walkthroughs

The Webcam Video

If you’re looking for a more in-person interaction, this next sales video is right up your street. A webcam video is a pre-recorded video that features an agent speaking to the camera. It’s useful because people are always on the go. So, while they’re commuting, they can play the webcam video and get to know you “in person” rather than read huge chunks of text.

One major benefit of webcam videos is that prospects form a connection with your brand early on. This is because they familiarize themselves with the person behind the company by way of video. Because this marketing video arouses emotions, it can boost prospects’ attention and recall.

However, if you want results, webcam videos must be relevant to your viewers (like all types of sales videos). So, try to intrigue prospects into watching your video. For instance, some reps select an interesting thumbnail that is personalized, i.e. they put a sign with their name on it.

As soon as your video begins, the prospects should know how you can help them. Webcam videos are useful for the sales department because they establish a personal connection. Therefore, record them to build relationships and introduce your team to the world.

Webcam videos are good for:

  • Building relationships
  • Establishing a personal connection
  • Introductions
  • Email prospecting

Personalized Video

The sales and marketing departments should work together if they want their product or service to gain more traction. Marketers can help sales reps personalize videos, making them more appealing to individual customers. Using a video platform, marketers can add personalized snippets, e.g. the names of either the prospect or the sales rep, to the video. As a result, the video will feel like it was made only for one recipient, leading the viewer to research more about the brand. You can probably now see why this is one of the top types of sales videos.

Although these personalized videos are recorded by the marketing team, sales reps are there to insert personalized elements, including a name or job title of the recipient. Marketers are increasingly turning toward personalization. In fact, 98% of them agree that personalization is a great way to advance customer relationships. So, why not give it a try?

Personalized videos are good for driving leads and boosting engagement.

Product Video

Let’s face it. There’s no better way to communicate the benefits, features, and values of a product or service than through video. That’s why you should know which types of sales videos you can use to generate better results. Companies can have the most innovative and engaging web pages that feature graphics and photos, but they won’t compare to a high-quality video in the long run.

The average attention span of humans is at eight seconds. That’s shorter than of a goldfish! Videos help customers understand how your product/service will solve their problems as they present information in a digestible way. Also, videos are a sight for sore eyes after visitors are subjected to the long text-based content.

Product videos are what your prospects want to see in 2020. Namely, a whopping 72% of customers want to find a new product by way of video. Apart from saving time, product videos are able to show, in action, how your product works and why it is effective. Not only that, but they can build trust in your brand which is an important aspect of the buyer’s journey. So while you’re in the process of creating a video, give this type a thought.

Product videos are good for:

  • Product launches
  • Attracting new customers
  • Driving conversions

Why Should You Use Different Types of Sales Videos?

Marketing videos make people stop what they’re doing. Almost every internet user feels compelled to click that play button when they see it. In a way, this gives marketers the power to encourage people to watch their videos even when they can’t get customers to read their blog posts.

After everything we’ve mentioned, it’s easy to conclude why brands need these types of sales videos. Here are five good reasons to try out different types of sales videos:

  1. Increase click rates by 300% by adding a video to your emails.
  2. Build relationships remotely. People feel like they know your brand when they watch a video. In turn, they will be more emotionally committed to you.
  3. Present even complex topics simply and in a digestible way. As we said, videos let you show and explain things.
  4. Save time. You’ll have more time to actually sell your product or service.
  5. Accelerate the sales cycle.

Use These Types of Sales Videos Today!

These types of sales videos can increase engagement and build trust in your brand… if you let them. Based on your goals, you should decide what kinds of videos you’ll make. Remember to take your potential customers’ needs into consideration before yelling “Action.” After you build a video-first sales culture, you and your team will consistently achieve your company’s goals.


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