Wall Art Collection For Children & Family

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Clint Eagar Design
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Wall Art for Children

Destin, FL, February 20, 2017: Clint Eagar Design, a Florida based design firm that provides fine art, home accents, lighting and custom design service, introduces their wall art collection for children. This collection was created after positive feedback on the “Majestic Mermaid” painting.
Please visit: http://www.clinteagardesign.com/product-category/art/fine-art/
Designer & Owner of Clint Eagar Designs, and Co-owner Effie Niu after several art shows, found there were not many works of art for children at these shows. Clint started his first mermaid painting specifically for children. He decided to create more fun & cheerful art for children. In this collection, Clint used mixed medium, bar-relief techniques, natural stones, glass, and shells for the embellishments to create a multi-layered effect. This is a wonderful collection for kids and family rooms.

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