Top 11 Signs You’re a Beach Person

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We recently asked 30A’s 630,000 Facebook fans how you can tell if someone LOVES the beach – perhaps a little too much. Hundreds of salty comments later, we now present to you the Top 11 signs you might be just a bit beachy:

11. When someone says they’re going on vacation, you automatically ask, “Which beach?” (submitted by Rhonda Holland Hooks)

10. You act as though non-beach people are okay, but secretly feel like they need serious psychological help. (submitted by Lisa Ader)

9. Your cottage in Tennessee has a sign out front that reads “Pirate Residence.” (submitted by Julie Hall Jones)

8. You measure time as “B.V.” and “A.V.” – Before Vacation / After Vacation. (submitted by Joli Walraven)

7. When you go missing for three days, your family checks your favorite surf breaks instead of hospitals. (submitted by Paul Lore)

6. You own casual, business and dressy flip-flops. (submitted by Marc Ellsworth)

5. Everything you need fits in one cinch sack. (submitted by Pamela Schaefer Cruz)

4. The results of your annual physical show that your blood is mostly alcohol and Coppertone. (submitted by Mike Wright)

3. You believe that shoes are the Devil’s footwear. (submitted by Tina Chappell Brewer)

2. You’re so excited about getting into the water that you mistakenly grab your wife’s bikini. Because that was just a mistake, right honey? (submitted by Leisa Sims Farris)

That’s okay, Leisa. We all get a little over-excited when it comes to salt air and white sand. But Beckxit Westmoreland really dives in blindly to prove her coastal commitment.

1. Two Words: Prescription Goggles. (submitted by Beckxit Westmoreland)

Thanks to everyone for the laughs! Beckxit, for your #1 winning entry, we’re going to send you a $25 gift card to use on or in any of our 30A Stores. In the meantime, everyone follow 30A’s Facebook page for more fun!