Duck Race for Beach Care Services

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DUCK RACE 2017  30A TV is proud to be a media sponsor for the Duck Race 2017

It is that time of year again where Big Ducks and Little Ducks take to the water to raise money for Beach Care Services. On Tuesday, August 8th at 5:30 PM located at the Laketown Wharf Resort Pool Deck, the Duck Race will be a Quacktastic competition unlike any other!

The night filled with quackfoolery will begin with teams of local celebrities riding giant ducks to claim their quackin’ victory followed by a thousand little ducks racing to the finish line with a winning number leading to the Grand Prize of $1,000!
Additionally, there will be numerous amazing raffle prizes and silent auction items along with music and great food from at least ten local restaurants that all add up to a quackin’ good time!

Tickets give you the chance to win the $1,000 Grand Prize, and they also give you access to the Duck Race and a big old fashioned cocktail party and great food. Tickets are $10 each, and they are available at Beachy Beach Real Estate and other locations mentioned on  theFacebook page.

We are looking for Sponsors, Silent Auction Items, and Raffle Prizes! For more information, contact Debi Knight at (850) 832-0221 or Karen Smith at (850) 233-4351 or go to or you can find the event on Facebook.

All proceeds go to Beach Care Services to continue to help our locals from bridge to bridge with short term emergency assistance.

Ready. Set. QUACK!