Netflix “Grace and Frankie” Season 4 Signed Art Licensing Agreement with Clint Eagar Design

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Abstract Artwork from Clint Eagar Design Art Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach. Art Gallery near Destin, Panama City, FL.Sept 07, 2017 Clint Eagar Design | Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Netflix “Grace and Frankie” production, a comedy-drama television series, with performances by Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, has acquired paintings by Designer & Artist Clint Eagar for their Season 4 filming. The “Grace and Frankie” Production chose “Attraction”, “Day Dream”, “Golden Girl”, “Pink Blossom”, and “The Impact”.

Golden Girl fine art from Clint Eagar Design Art Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Near Destin, Panama City, FL

Clint Eagar Design Gallery / Studio is thrilled to announce that Clint Eagar’s paintings will be featured on Netflix “Grace and Frankie” Season 4 for set decoration, which will be released in 2018. Industrial Designer & Artist Clint Eagar, who is known for his vivid colors, stylized realistic fine art and creative designs. The Set Creator for the show was looking for paintings to decorate the new character’s house coming to the show, Clint’s use of color and level of details in his painting drew her attention. In his “Attraction” painting, his amazing attention to detail, absolutely makes his work of art come alive, people often confused, whether it is a photograph or a painting. In his “Golden Girl” painting, he used rich layers of gold, and depth and mixed media texture. In his “Pink Blossom” painting, he textured the Flamingo Fine Art from Clint Eagar Design, Art Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Art Gallery near Destin, Panama City, FLbackground and layers of rich Florentine gold and bright gold with the addition of gold leaf and washes of gold acrylic. This creates a wonderful depth of color, texture and movement around the soft but vibrant blossom. His paintings have the versatility of a wide variety of subject and styles.

Clint Eagar started his career in the publishing business, his work, originals, lithographs, and prints have been distributed internationally. Peacock fine art painting from Clint Eagar Design, Art Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach, FL | near Destin, Panama City, FLWith a wide scope of talent and abilities, he stepped into a Director’s position at an early age in the Gift Industry, designing, and developing consumer goods in many industries. He designed under license with clients for Disney Studios – “Lion King”, “Pocahontas” and varied licenses. He designed products for lines such as ‘Fiestaware,’ he also designed golf accessories under license for the Golf Industry for Hank Haney (Tiger Woods Personal Trainer) training devices / Dave Pelz short game training Aids, under many store brand names. He has also been a designer and consulting for faux veneer and textured vinyl companies throughout Western Europe. His recent home decor designs are featured on HFN magazine and Home Accents Today in April 2017.

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