LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Keep exposing the abusers

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I want to thank Northwest Florida Daily News reporters Tom McLaughlin and Heather Osbourne for their dedication to the investigation into the horrific abuse of our autistic children by veteran teachers in the Okaloosa County public school system.

Thanks also goes to the many parents who have stood tall throughout this painful revelation. We are appalled by the lack of respect from the superintendent of schools and the Okaloosa County School Board.

Teachers — serious abusers of innocent special needs children unable to protect themselves nor voice the abuse they were receiving every school day. Teachers — abusive treatment without consequences. Florida laws broken continuously to the detriment of kids with autism, as young as 4 and 5 years old. Was past abusive behavior by teachers covered up by administrators, the teachers union, office personnel, other teachers, the School Board, superintendent, assistant superintendent, and top tier employees?

Will we ever know the truth? Will needed implementation of requests by parents and safety changes be forthcoming quickly? Is the School Board offering to order that they be notified of any investigations relating to students, when this has been on the books all along?

Bettye Mendez, Miramar Beach