Too Early for Christmas?

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Did I miss the “skip Thanksgiving” memo? Seriously, when did we decide that Nov 1st is the beginning of the Christmas season? I love Thanksgiving. You get together with family, drink too much wine and eat all the food. Then there’s a section of the day reserved for sleeping because tryptophan (naturally found in turkey) is basically melatonin. How do you just brush by green bean casserole and pumpkin cheesecake? Why are stores already packed with Christmas decorations and gift packs. WHY IS SANTA ALREADY ARRIVING AT MALLS?! (BTW don’t miss our Santa’s arrival remote this Saturday at the Santa Rosa Mall starting at 2pm) I mean call me the Grinch or Scrooge but I for one will not be celebrating Christmas til the day after Thanksgiving at the earliest. Where do you fall?

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