Pastor goes from rock music to chapel music

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“He knew I was playing in bars and asked me to play at the chapel. I told him I didn’t know any Christian music.”


Bill Evett grew up in a family of singers and musicians in Maryland. His mother and grandmother were singers and his dad was in a band.

It was only natural that Evett would also play in bands beginning when he was young.

However, to make a stable living, he went into medical sales.

When Evett took early retirement, he moved from Nashville to the beach and began playing his guitar, singing at bars and festivals up and down 30A.

Eleven years ago, however, Evett had a life-changing experience.

At one time, Seaside Chapel had a worship band when Jeff Miller was pastor.

“He knew I was playing in bars and asked me to play at the chapel. I told him I didn’t know any Christian music,” remembered Evett.

However, Miller asked him to try it for one Sunday.

Evett did try it, which changed his life direction.

“When I started playing and singing the words, something came over me like the Holy Spirit, and I was inspired to start writing Christian music,” he said.

Evett has not returned to playing in bars since that day and remains at Seaside Chapel.

“To get in front of a group of people who go stone silent and listen to every word when you play is exciting and frightening,” he said. “Much different than in a bar.”

Evett has become the Chapel’s Worship Pastor.

“I have no doubt that God was in control of who was chosen to serve him at the Chapel,” said Miller.

Evett has also joined the Walton County Sheriffs Posse.

“The part I like best is checking in on the elderly and visiting them for about 30 minutes a day. That has become part of my ministry,” he said.

All money from sales of Evett’s CDs goes to charity. They are available at the chapel, or on its website. His most recent release is “Heaven Bound.”

Visit his website at On it you will find his older bar music, his chapel music, and a love track.

“From rocker to chapel music,” said Evett with a chuckle.

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