Destin beaches rated No. 1 in U.S. by travel site

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Staff report

People looking to get away in 2017 were searching for rentals along the Emerald Coast, according to the annual trend report from the travel website

Destin topped the list of popular U.S. beaches, based on search data from the site. Other local beaches mentioned include Panama City Beach at No. 4 and Pensacola Beach at No. 13.

According to the report, the average daily rental price in Destin is $267. The cost is $195 in Panama City Beach and $229 in Pensacola Beach.

While the website saw an increase in searches for urban markets such as New York City, beaches are the most popular vacation destination, the report said. While Destin was ranked at the top, beaches in Delaware (Rehoboth Beach), Maryland (Ocean City), Texas (Galveston and South Padre Island) and Virginia (Virginia Beach) were in the top 20.

Destin, Panama City Beach and Pensacola Beach were also named in the top 25 most popular U.S. destinations overall. Destin came in at No. 2 following New York City. Panama City Beach was at No. 5 and Pensacola Beach was No. 20.

Looking ahead to 2018, the site predicts that lake destinations will gain popularity, including places such as Lake Tahoe in California and Lake Michigan. Southern beaches also will continue to gain popularity.

“As the population of southern cities like Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte and Nashville continue to grow … the destinations will continue to thrive,” the report said. “Look for the law of supply and demand to drive up rental pricing.”

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