Judge revokes Waffle House shooting suspect’s $2M bail

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Another judge previously set bail at $2M, which enraged many Nashville residents

Terrence Cullen, New York Daily News

A Nashville judge has revoked the $2 million bail set for Waffle House shooting suspect Travis Reinking, the prosecutor’s office told the New York Daily News.

Reinking was arrested Monday afternoon after fatally shooting four people inside the Antioch Waffle House more than a day earlier.

Another judge previously set bail at $2 million for Reinking’s release Monday night, which reportedly enraged many residents after the nearly 36-hour manhunt left the greater Nashville area on edge.

“This was such a huge case during that brief time, and the crime was so horrific, that it was still on the top of everyone’s mind,” said Steve Hayslip, spokesman for Davidson County District Attorney General Glenn Funk.

“The fact that there was the possibility that he could make bond sent everyone into that fear all over again.”

The prosecutor’s office fielded dozens of calls from residents irate that bail had been set, he added.

Reinking’s family would’ve been required to pay just 10 percent, or about $200,000, if they went to a bail bondsman, local CBS affiliate WTVF reported earlier Tuesday.

Authorities haven’t said what drove Reinking to charge into the Waffle House wearing nothing but a green jacket, wielding an AR-15-style rifle.

Reinking, a 29-year-old Illinois native who moved to Nashville in fall 2017, is due back in court Wednesday.

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