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1.Intro: Hashtag #NothingScriptedTV on Instagram, FB and Twitter Share2. Today’s show brought to you by Gulf Coast Go:3. Two minutes WITHOUT Teance….Hydration word of the Day,Rules!4. With Summer Fast Approaching: Lay out some Guidelines,Provisos, and unwritten rules for visiting our beach:a. Observe Personal Space.b. Big Umbrellas or tents to the back.c. Keep your music to yourself. Not everyone likes Wil Lateefa orBryan Luke, …and most locals are very tired of Buffett, Skynyrd,etc.d. Love how our beaches always look pristine? Pick up afteryourself. There aren’t magic fairies to clean up after you.e. Observe and understand the flag systemf. If you don’t know how to park a car…or think your special littlecar deserves two spaces…stay the freak home or gosomewhere else. Parking is scarce in a lot of places down here.g. Don’t be a jerk to ANYONE…especially the locals.h. Rules of the Road. Some of us have somewhere to be…GETOUT OF THE WAY.i. We know you’re on vacation, but that doesn’t alleviate all knownrules of common decency.j. Don’t wear dark clothes at night if you will be using crosswalks.k. Learn how to use a 3 and/or 4 way intersection with stop signs.(­handbook­right­of­way )i. You must yield the right­of­way to all other traffic and pedestrians at stop signs. Move forward only when the road is clear. At four­way stops, the first vehicle to stop should move forward first. If two vehicles reach the intersection at the same time, the driver on the left yields to the driver on the right.l. And yes, the stop signs (both road and path) apply to bicyclists too!5. A few Memes to close out the show.6. Bye

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