Medicine Practice offers Annual Membership

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Foundations Medical Center is first functional medicine practice in Destin area to offer annual memberships

 Foundations Medical Center is a locally-owned practice that takes pride in offering a personalized healthcare experience by rethinking the typical world of medicine. Their vision for healthcare is based around a proactive mindset – not just going to the doctor when you aren’t feeling well, but making a plan to keep your body running as the fine-tuned machine it was made to be!  Husband and wife physicians, Kyle and Amanda Chavers, are board certified medical doctors, living right here in Destin, Florida, that had a vision for a better way to provide medical care. They envisioned an affordable, three-tier membership plan that allows you to build an ongoing relationship with your doctor based on your own needs, schedule, and lifestyle. Foundations Medical Center is the first medical practice to offer memberships in Destin.

With each plan, members start the relationship with a 75-minute comprehensive evaluation – think of it as a “Get to Know You” session. You’ll talk about five major aspects of your lifestyle including diet, exercise, stress, medication and sleep. This evaluation will give the information needed to develop a seven-part health plan; an individualized plan for nutrition, fitness, mental health, coaching support, and more to help guide you in the direction of feeling your best, maybe in ways you didn’t even know you could improve! Each level also includes access to advanced lab testing, email communication with the doctor for simple questions and no lab draw fees!

The Essentials Plan is the entry-level membership package, which includes all of the items mentioned above as well as two follow-up visits throughout the year and two visits with their in-house registered dietitian, Elizabeth Trapp. This plan is great for those who are generally healthy, but want to create the relationship to help keep them on track or those who see their doctor once a year for a checkup and once or twice for minor illness.

The next tier up, the Wellness Plan, includes everything the Essentials does with the addition of a few extra perks. Rather than two, this plan provides four follow-up visits and four visits with the dietitian. Members also receive up to 12 vitamin shots throughout the year, as well as 12 sauna treatments, and a 10% discount on pharmaceutical grade supplements. Foundations offers an expansive selection of supplements in their lobby!

The Premium Plan provides members with the maximum value. In addition to the evaluation and development of the health plan, this plan includes six visits annually and six dietitian visits, up to 24 vitamin shots over the course of the year, unlimited access to the infrared sauna, four IV nutrition sessions and priority appointments. This plan is for clients who desire Foundation’s complete care and priority support.

Healthcare in our country is changing and Foundations Medical Center is working to find a solution that provides just what you need – a relationship with a physician you can trust, at a fair price. As a local family-owned practice, they want to make it cost effective for your whole family to enjoy the membership. Discounts are available for families. For more information or to sign up, contact Foundations Medical Center by calling 850-269-9000 or visit

About Foundations Medical Center:

Foundations Medical Center is a comprehensive medical practice dedicated to promoting health, preventing disease, and managing chronic illness and the destructive processes of aging utilizing many different treatment modalities from both traditional and alternative approaches. They partner with patients to identify underlying causes of illness to restore optimal health, rather than just providing symptom management. Foundations’ approach is personalized to each patient’s individual needs and takes into account lifestyle, genetics and environmental influences. The physicians and practitioners on staff are board certified in Family Medicine, certified in Functional Medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine and have years of experience managing complex chronic disease. For more information, find Foundations Medical Center on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest or go to


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