Second Sight TV Launches a New Paranormal TV Series

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Just in Time for Halloween and Haunted Events Story Coverage!

Second Sight TV launches a new Paranormal TV series – Media Inquiries and Interviews are welcomed.

Pensacola, Florida — Second Sight TV is set to launch a new paranormal TV series this September 2019 on several local TV stations. Second Sight TV will be featuring International Psychic Medium Ericka Boussarhane and Second Sight Paranormal Investigations and Forensic Services. Together, they will bring a paranormal series to you with episodes that will cover several haunted locations in Pensacola and surrounding areas. Ghost haunting has been around since the late 18th Century, but it became popular in this 20th Century with increasing paranormal TV shows and the boost of ghost hunting technology.

Spooktacular October Haunted Events

Second Sight TV will be hosting a Ghost Investigations and Brunch at Seville Quarter on the 20th and 27th of October 2019. This is one of the most Haunted buildings in Pensacola, Florida and Second Sight TV is  set to bring it to viewers at home. They will provide ghost hunting equipment, but anyone willing to join can bring their own gear. International Psychic Medium Ericka Boussarhane featured of SYFY Ghost Hunters will be onsite. The event will be kicking off with brunch followed by a paranormal investigation. All ages are welcomed. Tickets are available at

About Second Sight TV.

The show follows Second Sight  Paranormal Investigations and Forensic Services. Their team of professional paranormal investigators and psychic medium are ready to help you with paranormal activity, hauntings, and crime scenes. They provide CSI and forensic psychic readings with world class equipment. You can count on them to get the job done with excellent results.

Ericka Boussarhane is the Founder of Second Sight TV. With years of experience, she finds the haunted places, and accompanied with her team, they investigate them. Second Sight Paranormal Investigations and Forensic Services is focused on providing education, training, and community outreach through scientific investigation, data collection and analysis.

Their goal is to help those who may be experiencing a haunting and wish to learn more about this phenomenon. They work with high-tech equipment and a renowned psychic to investigate homes or businesses. Our goal is to help you understand and resolve your ghostly encounters. The team members have investigated The Gray House, The Victorian Inn, Imogene Theatre, Pensacola Light House, Nobel Manor,  Fort Pickens, Fort Morgan, Pensacola Little Theatre, local Cemeteries, Seville Quarter, and several private homes and businesses. The team consists of a Forensic Psychic Medium, Anthropologist, Criminal Experts, Former Military Police, Tech Gurus, Religious and Metaphysical Experts, Professional Paranormal Investigators, and more!
For more Information, contact Second Sight TV with the following info below.
Ericka Boussarhane, Founder
850 941 4321

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