Walton County Jail Operations

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Jail Operations

The Walton County Jail facility is cleaned and sanitized on an on-going and constant basis.

There are no inmates who are at-risk or showcasing any symptoms of COVID-19 at this time. Should any inmates show symptoms of the Coronavirus, protocols have been established to isolate the individual(s) and provide medical treatment as per the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and Florida Department of Health.

In order to limit access and potential COVID-19 exposure to our residents, our staff, and the inmate population, the use of our in-lobby video visitation monitors has been temporarily suspended.

The Walton County Jail is also restricting civilian volunteer access for programming purposes until further notice. Finally, only those individuals who are statutorily obligated for registration and fingerprinting services will be permitted to enter the jail facility; and only after screening.

Inmate Visitation

Video visitation services will remain available for access via computer or mobile device to accommodate visits. Our communications provider, GettingOut, is temporarily providing 15 minutes of free video visitation per week. The 15 minutes will renew every Sunday at midnight.

• All persons incarcerated at the time free weekly video visit is offered will be provided 15 minutes of free video visit time each week.
• The 15 minutes of video visit time renews every Sunday at midnight and is available to be used at your discretion each week.
• If the free weekly visit time is not used, no credit will be given.

To sign up, visit: https://waltonso.org/inmate-calling/

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