Advertise on Hulu Streaming TV Platform

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  • It’s easily targetable, trackable, and customizable. That means your team can gather audience insights, prove ROI, easily track ROAS, and benefit from the engagement lift of customization with viewers reporting a 5 to 8 time higher intent to purchase based on customization.

  • It’s safer than more traditional mobile and online channels: do you really want your coaching business ad to run before aunt Barbara’s random conspiracy theory video?

  • It’s effective. You may be advertising with a local affiliate offering ABC’s best content, but if no one watches it live, they won’t see your ad.

  • CTV ads aren’t skippable and have 97% view-through rate.

  • It’s easy and scalable. No need to manually contact local news channels to work out individual deals across locations anymore! Work with a CTV buyer like Vibe, and start programmatically buying on local channels today!

  • It’s the future! IAB Advisory Services predicts that local CTV spending will grow to $3.8B by 2026.


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