Introducing: Fempowerment

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Many women have experienced some sort of gender inequality in their lifetime. This gender inequality comes in many forms – sexual harassment, making less money than their male peers, seeing less qualified male candidates chosen over them for promotion or high-level jobs, or even being encouraged to stick to careers deemed more stereotypically female. To top it all off, women are still fighting an uphill battle against what society deems to be conventional gender roles at home including being the primary caregiver of their children, cooking, cleaning, and more. All these things considered, it can be very alienating to be a woman. Luckily, a woman’s single greatest resource is another woman.
In answer to these concerns, Fempowerment was founded. It is an organization dedicated to the empowerment of women. The mission is simple – promote the growth, development, and support of women by women. By utilizing a combination of meaningful collaboration, open communication, and genuine connection, Fempowerment strives to make a positive impact on every woman they reach.

The founders, Aubrey Haskell, Beth Klein, and Brittany Tucker were colleagues and friends before the universe set into motion a chain of events that would bring the three together in business. Individually they had been getting feedback from other women about difficulties they were trying to overcome with little to no support and understanding from the men in their lives These women were expressing frustrations about workplace inequalities, having difficulties finding a work-life balance, and even struggling to find friends to bounce things off and to be there for support. In all honesty, they could relate through issues they themselves had encountered. The thing was, Aubrey, Beth, and Brittany had no idea how deep these issues were in the community until they started talking to one another about what they had been hearing. It was at this point they knew action had to be taken. The women in the community had a need for female empowerment so they launched Fempowerment.

In addition to their public social media presence, Fempowerment has monthly meet-ups for members to come together and meet in an environment free of judgment and full of support – a truly safe space for women. Whether you are a woman looking for mentorship, collaboration, networking, friendship, or just a place to be yourself, Fempowerment has a place for you. Membership is only $25 quarterly and the only requirement for joining is that you are a woman who is at least eighteen years of age. For those who want to join but can’t come to the meetings in person, there will be a private group for meeting recaps and further discussions.

If you’re interested in joining the Fempowerment movement, more information can be found on Facebook @Fempowerment850. You can also email Though group membership is exclusively reserved for women, Fempowerment welcomes their male allies to join them on their public platforms.

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