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Footprints Gifts: Celebrating 40 years as the “Best Little Shop on the Beach!

 Santa Rosa Beach FL – March 1983 marks the humble beginning of Footprints Gifts. A transformed gas station was reimagined into an apartment complex and then eventually converted into a retail store by Janet Reeves for the “Footprints Gift Shop.” This Miramar Beach “Mom and Pop” gift store is a genuine success story! The name came about by a complete family agreement to the Biblical reference in Psalm 77:19, that says, “Your path led through the sea, your way through the mighty waters, though your footprints were not seen.” Janet fulfilled her childhood dream of opening a one-of-a-kind retail store that developed into reality when her father-in-law’s one-bedroom apartment became available. She jumped on the opportunity! Life prepared Janet in her early years to launch this now local treasure. She worked at a local movie theatre and was honored with the title “youngest Confection Manager” at Sears department store! Fast forward to today, Footprints Gifts retails some of the best crafters in the area and is one of the top souvenir destinations in Sandestin/Miramar Beach. This retail haven of all things “beach centric” began with t-shirts, beach supplies, keep sakes, and inflated beach toys (supplied by the former gas station air pump). It evolved into an exclusive representation of local artisan products such as colorful bird sculptures, Sandy Pickle(ball), art prints, and magnets. In addition, including beach style home décor and gift items, or sea turtles, you can find man-cave tiki motifs, golf items, outdoor furniture, shells, and more! This... Read More

PWMC Metamorphosis Fundraiser At Alys Beach Apr 14

  Join The Point Washington Medical Clinic to celebrate their 6th birthday and transformation from a pop-up clinic to a stand alone facility! Metamorphosis will take place Friday, April 14 from 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. on the Kelly Green in the Alys Beach community. Bring your own chair, but don’t forget your dancing shoes. There will be a cash bar and food trucks on site with delicious offerings available for purchase.   Read More

Emerald Coast Theatre Company Summer Camps 2023

  The Emerald Coast Theatre Company at Grand Boulevard has a schedule for the littles this Summer. The Mini Player Camps (Ages 5 – 7, rising Kindergartners) are designed specifically for the youngest players. These camps focus on activities that allow students to explore acting, singing, and movement in an energetic, nurturing environment that fosters creativity and collaboration.   Read More

Earth Day Town Hall at Padgett Park Apr 22

  Join fellow SoWal earth-lovers for an Earth Day Town Hall on Saturday April 22nd from 12 – 3PM in Padgett Park off JD Miller Road in Santa Rosa Beach. Hear presentations, enjoy demos and displays from the Choctawhatchee Bay Estuary Coalition, and get tours of Walton County’s only Community Garden with Satsuma planting by Trees on the Coast. The event is free to attend and family-friendly.   Read More

Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces with Decorative Concrete

 By Spencer Angland, Marketing Coordinator, Flooring Depot of Panama City Cooler days are behind us, and warmer days ahead. Spring is here and everyone is ready to spend more time outside basking in the sunshine. If you have been thinking about upgrading your patio or pool deck, then now is the perfect time to breathe new life into your outdoor spaces—and a great option is resin-chip epoxy concrete coating. There are plenty of ways that you can use resin-chip epoxy concrete to make the most of your outdoor space. The possibilities of colors make resin-chip coating a versatile design element that can turn any area into the new center of attention of your house. If you have a pool, then using this on the pool deck is a great pick. The vinyl chips that give this type of concrete its name can come in any variety of colors and can be completely customized to get exactly the color or combination of colors that you are looking for. The possibilities are limitless and can match any preexisting color scheme perfectly. The coloring can be as unique as you. The flakes in the concrete also provide excellent traction around a slippery pool deck. “Nothing is really slip-proof, you can fall anywhere, but the resin chip can reduce slipping and sliding by the pool—helping make it a safer option,” says Rob Morrisseau, commercial and residential installation manager for Flooring Depot of Panama City. “In addition, the resin chip flakes are not abrasive to... Read More

Sean of the South: Blind Love

 By Sean Dietrich She was trash. At least that’s how she was treated. She was found wandering a rural Mississippi highway. Beneath the stars. It was a wonder the girl hadn’t been hit. This was a busy highway. The kind with transfer trucks. The dog was walking in the center of the road. On the yellow line. Clearly there was something wrong with her. Animals don’t walk open highways. But the black-and-tan dog was moving by feel. Because she is blind. All she knew was that she liked open highway because the surface was smooth, and there were no obstructions. And when you’re blind, no obstructions is a good thing. She was a skeleton. Every rib visible. Every spinal disc showed. There were scars all over her, as though she’d been involved in a host of dog fights. A scar on her face. A scar on her chest. One behind her ear. On her side. Another on her right forelimb. Probably, she had been caged with other hunting dogs. The dogs were probably mistreated and hungry. Hunger makes dogs mean. Nobody knows how the blindness happened. But it didn’t take a rocket engineer to figure it out. “Someone hit this animal with a blunt object,” the veterinarian later said, choking back tears. “Someone beat this poor dog. Maybe with the butt of a rifle. Maybe with rebar.” People say that dogs use smell above all other senses. That’s a lie. A dog doesn’t use her sense of smell to avoid... Read More

How to Keep Your Marriage Golden, Even When You’re Gray

 By Jamie C. Williamson, PhD This month my husband Larry and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Ours is a second marriage for both of us. And, even though 25 is traditionally thought of as the silver anniversary, we feel “golden” pretty much every day. Younger couples often tell us that they want to know our secret. They are painfully aware that one of every four divorces in the U.S. is a “gray divorce” – a divorce involving people over 50+ ending a long-term marriage. I’m happy to share the secret to our happy marriage. You can protect your marriage against this “gray divorce” phenomenon by adopting these four habits that will keep your marriage golden, even when you’re gray. (1) Treat your marriage as the foundation of your family. If you allow your marriage to erode in the early years, you, your spouse, and your children will feel insecure, unsettled, and tense. Without deliberate care and attention, a once intimate, loving marriage could become conflictual and distant. Even if a distressed marriage survives until children are launched or careers have ended, the kids will likely be troubled, and the couple will likely opt for divorce as a relief from their unfulfilling relationship. When it comes to family priorities, put marriage stability first, whether you are a family with children or without. (2) Create a long-term goal and work toward it together. Young adult couples are less likely to divorce if they are well educated. Older adult couples, however, are... Read More

Air Force Enlisted Village: A Haven for Heroes!

 If you had told Yvette in 4th grade that the boy who surprised her with an oversized Valentine’s Day card would one day be her husband, she would have laughed out loud. But sometimes life has a funny way of working out, and that’s exactly what happened. Yvette and Richard (or Butch, as he was known) first met in elementary school. They shared a brief but sweet friendship until Yvette’s family moved away. It wasn’t until a decade later that they ran into each other again, this time at a bowling alley. They hit it off immediately and started dating shortly afterward. The rest, as they say, is history. The couple raised two daughters while jumping from base to base during their 22 years of service in the Air Force. Moving so frequently and changing schools so often was a hardship on the girls. But, Yvette always tried to stay positive through it all. “I always tried to make the best for us all wherever we would go,” Yvette tells me. This kind of resiliency is typical of many military spouses, who often have to deal with unexpected changes and challenges. It was four years ago that Yvette and Butch moved into Bob Hope Village. Butch had been ill for most of his time here and sadly passed away last spring. While Yvette misses her husband of 58 years dearly, she finds strength and support from her fellow residents and the Air Force Enlisted Village (AFEV) staff. Even at 78... Read More

Pier Park Hosts Beach Bunny Bonanza & Art Hop April 8

 Pier Park is always hopping, and April is no exception. Beach bunnies are taking over the shopping, dining and entertainment complex on Saturday, April 8 during the Beach Bunny Bonanza & Art Hop. Tourists and residents are invited to the Grand IMAX and the Celebration Tower roundabout from noon to 2 p.m. for free family Easter fun. During the event, visitors can enjoy a free photo op with Pier Park’s Beach Bunny, complimentary prize-filled Easter eggs, an egg hunt on the SkyWheel grounds, free movie popcorn and other treats, a stilt-walking balloon artist plus giveaways and contests including a chance to win a $1,000 Pier Park swag bag! New this year is an “Art Hop” featuring works, demonstrations and a free painting class from area artists. The post Pier Park Hosts Beach Bunny Bonanza & Art Hop April 8 appeared first on PCB Life | Panama City Beach News, Events and Community Information.  Read More

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