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December 2017

What does APEX have to be thankful for? We have learned over the years to never take anyone or anything for ‘granted’. That has always been a first principal here at Apex. Though we have grown quite a bit over the years, at heart we are still a family run business with very consistent values.

As we finish the Thanksgiving Season and move into Christmas, we wanted to first of all say a big “Thank you”, to all our customers here in South Walton and throughout NW Florida. We truly are thankful for you all!

In addition, we’d like to share a few “Thank You’s” we’ve received from our neighbors here in the Panhandle, who recently experienced a loss, but were still “Thankful”.

We have had the best experience dealing with Apex. I dealt with a lot of the people that work for the company and they could not have been more helpful! Brad really made things happen for us and got our Condo fixed and back where we could move back in and enjoy! The work they did was great! I cannot thank Apex enough helping me thru this emotional and stressful time!

Sharon Rakestraw

We had a water intrusion problem – big problem, 3 floors. My first call was to APEX. This is an area where you absolutely must have the very best qualified company to do a restoration and that would be APEX!  Every employee is a highly trained professional who knows what must be done. They left no stone unturned. Aaron Murphy supervised the rebuild and he is fantastic. The quality of their work is excellent. I must say Aaron is a perfectionist, which made me  extremely happy. I also found that there is nothing that he can’t do. We were in great hands! We Love Apex!

Pam Harkin

They left us high and dry… literally. When our building flooded we were helped right away. The staff was courteous and friendly, and they understood the complexity of our issues. They started work right away (in the middle of the night) to prevent further damage to our building. Then, they devised a plan to fix the damage that was already done, which included comprehensive treatment to keep us safe from mold that started growing in and on our walls. We most likely have the safest dog kennel & dog training facility in the area thanks to Jeremy and Team Apex!

Steve Kotowske

APEX has been my life ring through this flood…literally & figuratively!!  I had no idea how extensive water damages were. Brad & his crew came in & got to it.The employees are all superb, professional, reliable, knowledgeable, respectful & prompt! My experience with APEX on every level thus far has been superior. Hands down, the best around!!

Brandy Brown Chataignier

Apex did some work on my home earlier this year and we couldn’t be more pleased with the services. Great company, very professional workers and they care about their clients. Thanks APEX!!

Kelly Meeks Marquez

I have worked with Apex for about a year  now and couldn’t be happier with the services they’ve provided to my Customers when a disaster ensues! Ian is very knowledgeable and professional. I will continue to recommend Apex for any restoration needs.

Sam Deeter

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