Honey comb story and recipe

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The Honeycomb’s Boutique Culinary Experience Brings Something New to the Table

Ali Weil and Erin Bakker, founders of The Hive Creative Consulting, are thrilled to share the addition of a sister company, The Honeycomb: A Boutique Culinary Experience. The Honeycomb specializes in curating beautiful culinary presentations for intimate gatherings along the Emerald Coast. “When we established The Hive, we couldn’t have seen this coming, but we’re pleased with what we are able to provide our clients and events,” said Weil.

As The Hive planned client events, Weil and Bakker continually found themselves in need of customizable catering services, so in true worker bee fashion, they launched The Honeycomb! When they started brainstorming of ways to meet their clients catering needs, they immediately reached out to personal chef and friend Meredith Spector to get the Honeycomb team started. Spector has a lifelong love of cooking and has unique experiences that make her a perfect fit for the Honeycomb.

The Honeycomb takes pride in their ability to evaluate the culinary needs of its clients and works to create a beautifully curated spread to surprise the crowd and wow their taste buds!  “The Honeycomb allows the Hive to provide our clients with a total turn key event that exceeds their expectations,” says Bakker. Spector added, “What sets us apart is that we incorporate a beautiful aesthetic into a catered experience.”

The menu, like both The Hive and The Honeycomb, features deliberate simplicity in its approach. “Depending on the time of day, the season, and the cause of celebration, we design a menu to go with it. We buy from our local and regional farmers and fisherman,” Weil explained. “Adding Gulf Coast ingredients makes a delicious statement at any event.”

The Honeycomb specializes in incorporating their clients’ vision for for culinary creation into a tailored and unique event.

To schedule a catered event with The Honeycomb, email  catering@thehivecreativeconsulting.com.

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