30 A Songrwriter Radio

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by Taylor Clark

Taylor Clarks’ debut full length album, “Where the Trees Don’t Grow in a Line” feels like home. Clark’s music is the definition of homegrown. The entire album was written, produced and recorded by Clark himself. Some songs were actually recorded inside of his sailboat. The album’s artwork was also designed by Taylor as a perfect complement to the music. “Where the Trees Don’t Grow in a Line” walks the line between folk, punk and story telling, with Clark incorporating guitar, 6 string banjo, mandolin, kazoo, vocals, beat boxing and even a sample of the crickets residing on his property. His music sounds like you’d hear it around a campfire while on the run from the law, or on a trip of self-discovery; or possibly, a beautiful cross between the two. It is comforting, and conjures up many familiar feelings, yet keeps an edge of exciting newness. Unique, true and refreshing, this album is one to listen to on your next adventure. Find “Where the Trees Don’t Grow in a Line” for purchase at Taylorclark.net (as well as other merchandise) or on ITunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.

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