New Republican Chairman sets vision for 2018 elections

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Newly elected Walton County Republican Party Chair Mark Foley announced recently an “enhanced vision” for the party gearing up for the crucial mid-term elections in November. “We need to keep the momentum generated in the 2016 election going right through 2018. Now is not the time for complacency”, he says. Foley succeeded long-time Party Chairman Tim Norris in November 2017. “Mark will continue to grow our conservative base with his determination and foundation needed to guide the voters of Walton County”, Norris said. Adding, “He has the spirit of God, Country and Family.  What our America was built on!”

Foley describes himself as your typical “Army Brat”, following in his father’s footsteps in the military, but graduating from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1995, rather than West Point. Mark was first stationed at  Hurlburt Field in Okaloosa County, which began his life long attraction to the Emerald Coast. Hurlburt is the operations center for the Air Force Special Operations Command Center, overseeing all AFSOC operations world-wide. His first assignment was flying the MC 130-H Combat Talon II, providing infiltration, exfiltration, and resupply of special operations forces around the globe…or, as Mark describes, “ we’re the taxi-drivers for Special Ops, wherever they need to go, it’s our job to get them there. ”

After 2 tours in Afghanistan and 1 tour in Iraq, Foley separated from active duty in 2006. He then joined the U.S Air Force Reserves, working in the Pentagon as part of a team overseeing the development and acquisition of first generation MQ-1 and MQ-9 drones. His duty brought him back to Eglin Air Force base working at the test center on “Mission Planning” for all world-wide Air Force aviation programs. His defense / aerospace consulting business focuses on military aviation but has also been involved in developing rules, regulations and training guidelines for the integration of commercial drones within the overall U.S. national airspace. Mark and his wife Kristen, along with their five-year old son Connor make their home in Santa Rosa Beach. Kristen works with her mom, Margie Perry, owner of Beau Interiors in Grayton Beach.

“Republicans were energized beyond belief in 2016”, says Foley. “We saw record numbers of voters voting Republican, some for the first time”, he said. “Our job is to re-energize those voters to come out again and support the Republican vision for Walton County and for our country. These voters recognized the Republican Party best reflects their values and hopes for the future. In my opinion, the Democrats have no vision other than hatred and vitriol for the President. They propose no solutions, yet they are very energized and chomping at the bit to vote us out. We need to counter their efforts to “deter, defeat and deny” commonsense proposals to reform our immigration system, health care, fair trade and economic initiatives”.  We will accomplish these goals by staying faithful to the conservative values that got us elected”.

Foley’s plan is to integrate the Walton County Republican Executive Committee (WCREC) with each of the affiliate Republican Clubs in Walton County. There will be three new WREC committees, Events, Elections and Fundraising; each affiliated club will have representation on each committee. “This will allow for seamless communication between each organization, all working for the common cause, I’m excited about the possibilities, “ he said. “It’s going to a great year.”

There are currently three Republican clubs meeting regularly in Walton County; The Republican Club of South Walton, meets the second Wednesday of every odd month at the Seascape Resort Conference Center, the next meeting is on March 14th at 6pm. Contact

Donna Johns ( for more information.

The Republican Club of North Walton meets the first Monday of every odd month, contact Sandy Jack Brown ( for more information. The Walton Republican Women’s Federation speaker series and lunch meets at 11:30 the third Wednesday of each month at Cantina Laredo, Grand Blvd. Sandestin, contact Lisa Johnson ( for more information.

Admission is open to all Walton County residents wishing to get involved.

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