Melanie Stewart Seminar

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Free Holistic Health Seminar April 14th

Melanie Stewart, a Holistic Health Coach specializing in human digestion and the importance of eating “REAL foods the RIGHT WAY”,  will be holding a free “Jumpstart into Positive Health” seminar at 10AM  on Saturday, April 14th,  at A Simple Faith Church in Santa Rosa Beach. Stewart earned her undergraduate degree in exercise science and a Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition. She is an experienced “educator, author, counselor/coach and public speaker and would like to share her passion for wellness in the seminar.

“If your wellness goals include healthy eating, weight loss, improving cholesterol ratios and/or triglyceride levels, reducing internal inflammation, stabilizing blood sugar levels, supporting your immune function, or maybe you just want to feel great, then this seminar is for you,” she says. “This presentation is a call to action. It’s not just a listening seminar. Attendees will get emotionally connected, excited and ready to change”, said Stewart, citing Isaiah 55:2, “Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good and your soul will delight in the richest of fare.”

2030 – Less than 12 years away. How old will you be? How old will your children or grandchildren be? This is what researchers tell us we have to look forward to between now and then: If America’s obesity trend continues at its current pace, all 50 states will have obesity rates above 44%. Diabetes is predicted to increase by 54%. The number of people diagnosed with heart failure is projected to rise by 46%. The incidence of colon and rectal cancer in people aged 20 will increase 90%. An estimated 2,220,692 new cases of cancer will occur in the US in the year 2030 – a 55% increase from 2008 when there were 1,437,199 new cancer cases in the US. It doesn’t have to be that way! Join Melanie and learn a better way of living through healthy eating! You can sign up for this free seminar or learn more at

DIRECTIONS: Turn north on Blue Mountain Road, at the new traffic light on Hwy 98. Take the first left turn into Blue Mountain Beach Industrial Park.  We are in the first building on the left. 

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