Modern Air Emergency Numbers Updated

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Dear Customers,

We are happy to report our families have all been accounted for and are safe. We hope you all are doing ok as well.

Effective this morning (October 15, 2018), our Service Department is working diligently with customers who are currently without air conditioning and will continue working on a 24-hour schedule until all customer repair issues are resolved.

Our Scheduled Preventative Maintenance appointments will be rescheduled if needed within a reasonable amount of time. The impact of Hurricane Michael has left us unsure of when our phone & internet systems will be back up & running.

We have set up the below emergency phone numbers to ensure your comfort.

EMERGENCY NUMBERS: 706-718-6938 850-775-8610 850-685-6564

We appreciate all of your patience and will keep everyone updated.

Thank you for your understanding, Sincerely, The Modern Air Solutions, LLC Team

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