The Seaside Prize Weekend Scheduled for Feb 22-24

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By Beth Ann Carr

As we move through our daily lives, we notice how appealing a community is sometimes deciding to make it our home based on what we see. Over time, as we live and work there, the things that attracted us to the area, become a core part of our existence; the elements quietly shaping who we are, how we think, and how we live. Rarely do we give thought to who designed the environment we now accept as part of our self-identity. The engineers, architects, and planners are the creators of our communities.  They once built, they observe from the sidelines of our daily activities the results, and the life their work has brought to the community in which we now live. The Seaside Prize ™ recognizes these individuals and organizations who through vision, creativity and design, have shaped and changed the way we live. Prize winners are thought leaders in concepts, quality, and character of their industry and considered leaders of Contemporary Urban Development and Education; men and women who have made their vision a reality; and ultimately our lives better. Recipients of the Seaside Prize ™ have influenced how towns and cities are built. They’ve challenged our thinking about promoting diversity, walkability, sustainability, livability and quality of life. From young to old, Where we live is at the core of How we live.

Tom Christ of Santa Rosa Beach, FL; Richard M.Gibbs of New Roads, LA; John Massengale of New York City; Derek Smith; Charles Warren are the 2019 Seaside Prize ™ recipients and have left their indelible mark on our lives throughout the world. Their work will be honored at this year’s Seaside Prize. Each February  visionaries convene in to honor the best of the best in their field. Ticket purchasers enjoy a weekend of Symposia, Continuing Education Courses, and Events; culminating in the Awards Ceremony and Dinner on saturday evening. A combination of Food, Wine, Education, and Creativity that inspires each person who attends.

What you can expect:

Ticket holders will enjoy a Friday night dinner of Paella and Wine dinner at 45 Central enhanced by a display of art and book signing along the sidewalks of Quincy Circle.

Saturday includes a list of morning (CE qualifying) lectures by each of the 2019 Prize winners and a panel discussion in the afternoon at the classis Assembly Hall at the Seaside Institute™.  The day progresses to the Awards Ceremony at the Seaside Chapel and a celebration dinner by Townsends of of Santa Rosa Beach on Saturday Night in the Seaside Lyceum. Finally Sunday will close out the weekend with Brunch at Bud and Alley’s and tours of select houses designed by our winners throughout Seaside.

The Seaside Institute invites you to join in on February 22-24 for a weekend of fun, food and design.  Help celebrate and ensure that Walkable, Sustainable and Connected Communities are the future for a quality lifestyle not just for some but for all. We invite you to be part of our future, this future, your future.

We hope you will join us as an attendee or a sponsor for the 2019 Seaside Prize ™.  To register go to our website  or learn more please contact Beth Carr at

The Seaside Institute works year round to bring people together and build great communities. Through symposiums and seminars, events and tours we work to honor the vision of our founder and the spirit that binds us all. Please visit our website for information on upcoming events or to join as a member. Beth Ann Carr is the new Executive Director of the Seaside Institute™.

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