Whats on 30A TV  April 2019?

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This week saw a few milestones in the world of television. First, this week saw global subscriptions to online-video streaming services overtake cable subscriptions, according to the Motion Picture Association of America’s 2018 report. (Source – Bloomberg) Approximately 613 million people around the world regularly use a service such as Amazon or Netflix, – up 27% from the year before, while in the U.S., home entertainment spending grew 12% to $23.3 billion. Subscriptions to cable continue to fall, as they collectively lost around 3.2 million customers for the year, while streaming devices such as ROKU and Amazon Firestick continue to sell. Roku has 25 million subscribers, while Amazon Fire has 55 million.

30a Tv Vivalogo

Another milestone is closer to home. Five of 30A Media (30A TV) 24-7 live channels were added to Atlanta based Viva Live TV and Giniko USA  networks. The streaming networks added 30A TV, Sidewalks Celebrity Interviews, Offshore Fishing, Style City 24-7 Music videos, and Nothing Scripted.

Johnny Falcones, VIVA’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, commented, “The partnerships we have with major corporations, including Sony Pictures and, recently Comcast, is a testament of what the future holds. Our industry has no limitations for growth as more consumers and opting to “cut the cord” and seek alternative sources to cable and satellite for viewing programming. I hope our customers enjoy this new addition to the line up.”  30A TV is grateful to Viva and Giniko for the additional exposure for the local area. In other news, local E.O.D. Confections’ Founders, Aaron and McKayla Hale, were recently featured on FOX Nation’s Building Homes for Heroes® Series. Now a master chocolatier, the Extra Ordinary Delights’ (E.O.D.) founder, with his wife McKayla introduced a special screening of their remarkable story at The Hub in Watersound Beach. Portrayed in graphic detail in the film The Hurt Locker, Hale was a trained and experienced expert in destroying and disabling unexploded ordnance, IEDs and weapons of mass destruction.You can see Aaron and McKayla’s incredible story at www.30a-tv.com/videos/aaron/

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