Women Getting Testosterone? Yes!

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TESTOSTERONE IS VITALLY IMPORTANT IN WOMEN!  Did that get your attention? Is that even true?  Most people mistakenly make the assumption that testosterone is for men and estrogen is for women. In fact, some physicians would probably support the idea that testosterone is primarily a male hormone and estrogen is primarily a female hormone. These ideas could not be further from the truth. Last month I wrote about the difference between NORMAL and OPTIMAL and how confusing it can be to feel run down, worn out and foggy headed while your doctor says everything is “normal.”  Testosterone levels in women are a fantastic example of this issue. How many women are worried about osteoporosis? What if I told you that optimal testosterone levels can reverse Osteoporosis?

Dr. Richard Chern, Md

How many women are worried about diabetes?  What if I told you that optimal testosterone levels can help prevent diabetes? The same is true regarding breast cancer, heart disease, cholesterol, Alzheimer’s disease?  Did that get your attention?

Remember, the other side of treatment is prevention.

Are there any women out there who want to increase their sex drive?  Anyone want to improve their sleep and finally feel rested in the morning?  How about that desire to tone up muscles and reduce body fat? Or improve overall mood by reducing irritability?

These are just a small number of the benefits that women receive when they have OPTIMAL testosterone levels. Unfortunately, there are two horrible problems with testosterone!  First is that almost every lab in the country has a “normal range” that is nowhere close to an OPTIMAL range! Second, your doctor most likely has NEVER ordered a test of your testosterone level!

I challenge every woman who reads this article to ask every one of their girlfriends to find the last time you or they had their testosterone checked by their doctor. My bet is that the number of women you find who have had their testosterone level checked without specifically asking for it is ZERO. Even if they asked their doctor to check their hormones. The number of women who have come to us with labs from their doctor that do not include a testosterone level is nearly 100%. Let’s make a deal today. You look through every lab you have ever had done in your entire life. If you have had your testosterone checked and the issues I listed don’t concern you then maybe you don’t need to see us. However, if you don’t find a testosterone level in any of those labs, especially if you asked about your hormones, then Please call us today, get tested and let us evaluate your results. I hope this little article got your attention.

Dr Richard Chern, MD and his staff have been trained in hormone optimization including thyroid, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. He treats both men and women who have the very normal symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, loss of vitality, brain fog, difficulty sleeping, loss of sex drive, and so much more. Call us today for an appointment at 850-837-1271.

Women Getting Testosterone? Yes!

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