Studio 237 Music School; The Art of Focus

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With the advent of computer technology, cell phones, internet, and a sundry of technology intelligent devices, our brains’ ability to focus is on overload. People are concerned about the next generation of children losing their ability to patiently think through simple everyday situations and develop life skills.  Anxiety is on the rise, causing all sorts of problems and boundaries to restrict us from finding our true identity and purpose in life.

Learning the art of Focus happens while learning to play a musical instrument/voice.  Part of teaching someone to play an instrument, is providing strategies for pushing away all distractions, relaxing, and finding the answers to the problem at hand.  It’s about preparing to complete a task by a certain time with a spirit of confident excellence. The result is our bodies releasing lots of dopamine which basically makes us feel “rewarded, motivated, and happy”. How wonderful it is to know that a teacher will mentor you through this process to a successful finish. And yes, it takes patience and a little time.

The Art Of Focus Art Work

Our precious time is limited to 24 hours in a day.  If we effectively schedule, apportion, and use that time, then, it will give us a focused positive result.  Here are some ways to get started:

Choose an amount of time. For most beginners, 30 minutes is a reasonable start.

Review the ideas and notes your teacher gives you. This will save you lots of time.  Why practice something incorrectly for a week, because you didn’t want to take the time to read and follow the directions?

Give each task a specific amount of time. Maybe 5 minutes of warm up/review, and the remaining 25 minutes towards 2 or 3 items.  Stay true to your goals. Write on your music: finger numbers, note names, circle problem areas, write short reminder words.  When your time is up, move on to the next song. Tomorrow is another day to play, again.

Periodically, during your day, quickly quiz yourself to see if you can play that small section of music as well as you did hours ago.

Reward yourself after each practice with a favorite activity such as: texting, games, food, phone call, the beach, pool, playground, or meeting up with a friend.  I like M&M’s, ha!

Learning to focus happens in small bite size pieces on a daily basis. Be positive and easy on yourself, knowing that you are making slow and sure progress.  Like the sea turtle, one stroke at a time, making her way to the beach to ensure her next generation of turtles.

When you are learning to play instruments such as piano, violin, guitar, drums or voice, ask your student’s teacher to write down the details to review later.  Become part of their process. This is very helpful for parents of young students who may need a little help remembering their focus points which really becomes a reward to the child.  Most children love the attention and doing something “with” their parent versus “for” their parent.

Our gifted teachers at the studio, are naturally going to provide strategies for success.  Strategies are the building blocks of focus. Provide feedback to your teacher so they can better serve you.

September is the perfect time of year to begin learning a musical instrument.  School has begun and your mind is already in the mode for learning. If you train your brain to focus, process quicker, and more effectively then you are setting your foundation for success in many other areas of study. Call Studio 237 Music Lessons at 850-231-3199 to begin your music journey. Located in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.  or Visit our website:

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