The Three “Rs”

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By Rick Moore

Reading, writing and arithmetic are commonly referred to as the “Three Rs.” This phrase first appeared in “The Ladies Magazine” in 1818. It seems like someone at that magazine was really hooked on phonics. Obviously, only one of these words actually begins with the letter R. While reading, writing and arithmetic are very important, there are three “Rs” which can be even more life changing. They are: (or as they would say in 1818) They R: Restoration, Resolution and Revolution.

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Restoration Hardware is one of my favorite stores. Even though their products are new, many of them look like antiques which have been refurbished. Much like young people purchasing new jeans with holes in them or shirts made of materials which look faded, there is something cool about identifying with the past. But true restoration takes time. Whether stripping an old piece of furniture, refurbishing a ’57 Chevy, or restoring our relationships, it takes time. Have you ever tried to restore a botched relationship? It’s not easy. Maybe it’s impossible. Maybe you could do it, but it wouldn’t be worth the time, energy and resources. In today’s “throw away society” many people miss huge opportunities by walking away from what is damaged. Can something be restored and become even better than it was originally? That may depend on the definition of better, but the answer is yes. A restored marriage can be better than ever before. A relationship between a parent and a child can be better than ever before.

What comes to my mind when I hear the word resolution may be different than most because I spend much of my time evaluating technology. High-definition, 4-K, dots per inch, and megapixels all describe the amount of “resolution” a monitor, printer or camera has. It is a matter of degree. The same is true for making a New Year’s Resolution. Losing weight, working out and being a nicer person are all matters of degree. Even if you made the same resolution last year, you can go deeper this year. Think of a cork-screw. Each time it goes around it goes deeper. Some people who read the bible all the way through each year speak of going deeper in their understanding each time they read it. They see things they didn’t notice before. We can go deeper in our understanding of nutrition or how to obtain better sleep. Perhaps we do not need more new resolutions as much as we need to be more resolved.

Most of us think of war when we hear the word revolution. Similar to the word revolve, it means to experience a complete turnaround. When a person goes from zero exercise to exercising every day, they are experiencing a revolution in their life. When one goes from eating several sweets a day to zero sweets, that is called a revolution. Some problems in life can not be sufficiently dealt with by incremental change. Maybe your challenges require an all out war, a revolution, a complete turnaround from whatever is holding you back.

While walking near a commercial dock, I came upon a boat that appeared to be in desperate need of repair. I do not know any details about the vessel. It may be a casualty of a hurricane. It may have leaks. The engine may not work. Perhaps there was a fire. It definitely has rust. It’s possible the cost to repair it may be more than it’s worth. But this one thing I do know; it didn’t completely sink! As long as that boat is not on the bottom of the ocean, there is hope. The same can be said of your life. Whether you need a restoration, a resolution or a revolution to get back to where you want to be in life, today can be a new start. The possibilities are endless. “R” you ready?

Rick Moore is Communications Pastor of Destiny Worship Center in MIramar Beach.

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